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Onterrio to Winnipeg?
April 27, 2006

Sportsnet.ca -- A day after the Toronto Argonauts made news by placing former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams on their negotiation list the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have followed suit doing the same with former Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith.

Sportsnet Football Insider Eric Tillman reports that the Bombers secured the exclusive CFL playing rights to Smith, who was released by the Vikings in recent days. When Minnesota hired new head coach Brad Childress this off-season, he promised to cleanse the organization of those with off-field issues.

An exceptional talent, the 5-10, 220-pound Smith was selected by Minnesota in the fourth round of the 2003 draft. He immediately labelled himself "the steal of the draft" and in his rookie year, seemed to be prophetic as he set a club single-game rushing record gaining 148 yards against the Chicago Bears.

Even though he led the Vikings in rushing the subsequent season, 2004, he did so missing four games due to an NFL suspension for violation of the league's substance abuse policy. It would prove to be the first of three violations for Smith.

Last fall he was detained at a Minneapolis airport for being in possession of a device that was designed to beat drug testing.The former Oregon Duck, who began his collegiate career at Tennessee, claimed the kit was not his and was not charged.

If Smith were to come to the CFL after violating the NFL's substance abuse guidelines, he would not be the first to do so. Two current members of the Toronto Argonauts, R. Jay Soward and Bernard Williams, first round draft choices in Jacksonville and Philadelphia respectively, came North after league-related issues.

Geez, maybe the 'C' in the CFL stands for Cannabis Football League. We seem to take on a lot of the NFL's problem children lately

despite what the government tells you, illicit drugs are actually good for you

well, we know you're a stoner

Your posts prove you are wrong!

just normal pre-season hype. 2 weeks into preseason, most of these guys are gone anyways. a lot of these nfl problem players think they can just come up here, have some fun and be a star and they quickly realize that this is an "athletic" league and u better have some talent to stick!

also....bigger playing field gets these 'stars'..huffing and puffing.....but not on the 'weed'.... that some were accustomed to... :lol:

Not so true, if your an NFL even second or third string running back, Your still at least as good as a CFL starter, so as long as they show a little talent, they're "stuck"

wotever bboy, after training camp, you'll never ever hear about 90% of the nfl cuts or young hopefuls. for a lot of them, the cfl is their last straw to make a lving playing football - there's only arena football and world league, and world league is more for developing nfl hopefuls. yes there's some talent, but i don't get too excited over signing "no names" to come to camp! i'll save my excitement wen they actually make the team! u make it sound like any bench player or cut player from the nfl can come here and beat charles roberts and the like out of a job, he's been our starter for years now, so that argument doesn't hold much water!!! ......but if someone does come in and show more talent / promise - giddyup!

furthermore, if ur a 2nd or 3rd string rb in the nfl, you'd be not too bright to leave your $500 K plus jobs to come to the cfl because if ur patient, and 2nd or 3rd stringer will get a chance. further down the depth chart are the type of players we usually get. and i'm not complaining! i love the cfl. most of these guys play their hearts out for the love of the game and then go to full-time jobs in the off season.