Wouldn't it be funny if...

if edmonton beats BC and then BC loses to saskatchewan and calgary beats winipeg. than all the standings would come down to the calgary edmonton game at mchahon. edmonton and there fans would be thinking first place but than they might actully end up third if they lose to the stamps. i just think thats funny.

stamps in second!!!

hhhmmm, I say that is intreresting, not funny.

There's a very thin line separating Edmonton from first and third, hopefully they can pull out first place. West finals at Edmonton are always the best.

last night after the edmonton BC game the anounser said "see you in the playoffs" when the esks could still finish in third

The stamps will take second.

Would love to have the Stamps take 2nd, since they're my 2nd favourite team.

  1. Edmonton
  2. BC
  3. Calgary

I'm glad the Riders crossover. This way the two best teams in the league may be playing for the Grey Cup for once. BC and Sask game last year was more thrilling and better than the Grey Cup game. Now we have a chance to see Edmonton vs Saskatchewan at BC Place. No Taylor Field, no Commonwealth. Just two great teams who play the best and closest games battling each other for the Grey Cup in BC Place. Edmonton vs Saskatchewan will be the best Grey Cup game the CFL has ever seen if it happens.

I'd love to see Edmonton vs. Sask in the grey cup.

Have you forgotten a team that just might be in the way of this dream. The Al's are no slouch, they are not going to lay down because they feel sorry for the riders.

What gave everybody the idea that the Als feels sorry for the Riders by beating the Rens? The Als are a professional football team that trys to win each game as it comes regardless of the standings and who will play who as a result of winning this or that game.

In around about way what I am saying to you is you are going beyond the game the riders need to win then they will have to beat the Argos before they get to the GC. Maybe think about that game before the others do you not think!

Hardly worried about the Argos yet. Last time we played there they barely managed a come-back win against us by 1 point because of blown calls to keep their drives alive in the final minutes. And we saw what happened in the Taylor Field game. The Als game is the one we need to be geared up about. A rematch of the Taylor Field game, as we want to forget the Fumble Fest we had last time we were in the Big O.

Will be the true test for us, to win in the Big O and to get back on our winning ways. If we win there you can't say the Riders had it easy, we are playing the best and on the road here. If we beat Montreal I like our chances against Toronto.

What can i say it's coming true

don't belive me look at the top storys on the opening page.

stamps in second

how did you do that?

your gifted with psychic powers aren't you?

Oooo, that's scary!

Why didn't you participate in the VGCC? You and your crystal ball could have won in a walk!

well now it official i was right and all those people said i was stupid for buying my playoff tickets so early now whos laughing


see you in the grey cup!!!!