Wouldn't it be cool if the Grey Cup HT show was done by...

Wouldn't it be cool if the Grey Cup HT show was done by...

Micheal Buele (the Vancouver guy who signs all the old Frank Sinatra songs)

or a Techno artist like Alice Deejay, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, etc. a Canadian one would be preferable.

Aussie singers? I don't know, there hasn't been any famous one in the world market yet (Missy Hugens is good, but not know in Canada) and groups like Men at Work and Savage Garden haven't done anything new. There is Kyle Minogue, who I love but likely isn't a popular choice for the Grey Cup.

I know I' beaning unrealistic, but allow me to vent my ideas.

Who would you like to see perform at the cup? (Realistically or not)

(I know that this topic has been done somewhat before, but that was about who had done it)

I heard previously that Michael Buele would be singing at the Grey Cup, but I guess that was just a rumour.

BTW, I really hate to she Niki Webster do it or anything else, she is an Australian and was the poster girl during the Sydney Olympic ceremonies (her only good performance) if y'all remember.


I say my fellow Aussies should deport her to the US, along with the Crocodile Hunter.


He should totally do it! I love that guy! (not in that kinda way, you know :oops: )

There, I update my fomer post.

Are you trying to say something Geo?

UHM...Yeah!....the "Ten Tenors"? :?

I placed my statement inside the wrong part of your original message :oops: