would you trade radelein for nik lewis?

I'd take that trade easy. Lewis is by far the best receiver in the league. In the two games I watched him live it was unbelievable. Burris would overthrow it by at least five yards and Lewis would jump up and snag it. Honestly I dont think we could get away with it as the fullback is a dieing role in the game. The only other team that uses it a little bit is Saskatchewan with Szarka so I don't think we could make it.

You knew I’d be here.

I was trying to think of a nice way to say what I think of Nik Lewis, and I couldn’t… so I just stated absolutely NOT.

If I’m going to be completely honest here though, my absolute first choice is for Julian to be here and for him to be getting the kind of playing time that a back of his calibre deserves. However, I do think it is criminal that he is being so under-used and I think he is just too damn talented to be sitting on the sidelines. I also believe he genuinely WANTS to be out on the field playing… so if we could get a truly good trade for him, and he would end up on a team that wouldn’t be wasting his talent by sitting his butt on the bench… I would understand.

I’d also be out getting a Radlein jersey for whatever team he ended up on… unless it was the Argos. While I would still adore Julian if he ended up an argo… I couldn’t actually wear an argo jersey… even one of his.

Lewis is "by far the best receiver in the league"??

Are you serious?

Ben Cahoon, Arland Bruce, Milt Stegall, Matt Dominguez, Jason Tucker, and Geroy Simon are not as good as Nik Lewis?

Apparently not. :roll:

Nobody can change the game like Lewis, no disrespect to the other guys but if i was starting a team I would take Nik Lewis. His combination of speed and hands is unmatched and his ability to get open is impeccable. Cahoon is more of a possession receiver while Lewis can catch and elude defenders. Bruce I don't think has the toughness of Lewis, Stegall is probably number two in my books; over the years i think he lost some speed, honestly I don't think much of Dominguez but I guess he has decent talent, Tucker hasn't showed much these last couple years, while Simon is an interesting case. He isn't flashy but gets the job done which is pretty amazing, but some of his recent success has to go to the offense where it is heavily pass based the last couple years but right now I would have to take Lewis over Simon.

Bet there are 8 teams with fans that would breathe a sigh of relief that you are not their teams GM

If i could get a talented guy for a player who only sees spot duty I would not hesitate to pull the deal. It's called making something out of nothing.