would you trade radelein for nik lewis?

Radelein has lost his starting FB job to Dickerson, and Lewis is benched in Calgary. Radelein is coveted as a non-import blocking fullback, and Lewis has real talent as a receiver. Anderson was just cut in favour of McCants, and I think Curry (who has not been productive at all this year) might be the next Ticat receiver shown the door. Why not trade Radelein for Lewis then?

I think our offence is a couple of good receivers away from being really explosive. McCants and Lewis could be those guys.

P.S. Glad to see the Ticats are not afraid to cut guys who don't produce in games. It shows the organization is always trying to get better.


Radelein Canadain
Lewis Import

The trade cannot work for the Cats since they have no place on the roster for Lewis without cutting an import and activating a non-import which we don't have


Wow - something ELSE that argoconvert and I agree upon...

It happened to me too and I still don't quite know how to handle it. :lol: :wink:

If it was possible with the rosters and all?

Id make this trade in a heartbeat.

There is really only one thing most naysayers disagree with me on. They are just too narrowminded to actually digest anything from someone who does not bow down at the feet of their god Jason

I like Radelian. He is a great blocker. Great heart. If he can go play for another team and help and we can get the help we need at reciever then do it. Juggle the roster and make it work.

I love the....'lets trade this guy for that guys'. There are no rumours, no hints and no idea that the other team would even entertain this idea.

There's lots more that I disagree with you on...lol. Seriously though, I have never worshipped Maas, I just don't go in for blaming one guy for our losses no matter who it is.

and I see a worshipper. I don't blame one guy for everything that goes bad only what he controls. What one player controls has cost us games

You're right it has, but that one player isn't always Maas. I support the playes on this team. I always have. I have seen enough to know that Maas isn't solely to blame. Sometimes the o-line contributes to it, other times it's the receivers and sometimes it's Maas. I don't buy putting all the blame on the QB no matter who he is.

Its Maas consistantly. The Oline isn't that bad nor are our recievers.

I don't think we put all the blame on the quarterback. But there is no other offensive position that carries so much weight. No other position is able to make the other offensive players on the field look good and also look bad. The quarterback is the key player. He can make average receivers look great and great receivers look pretty average. If he makes the receivers look good it helps the running game and helps to make the runningbacks etc look good. Maas has proven that he can make very good receivers look bad. Receivers who can run up 1,000 yards with other teams can barely break 500 with Maas at the helm. Too often It's 1,2 and out. Receivers can't get into the rhythm of the game, they don't get as much opportunity to catch the ball. NO, It's not all Maas's fault, but he is the quarterback and that is the key position on offence, so he must shoulder the most responsibility for a stuttering offence.
in the same light, if the offence was burning up the league, he would most likely get the most praise.....

Bingo TC

No to the trade question! Julian is a core guy.Dickerson gives us depth at blocking back and tightend.They are both special teamers so you keep them both.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

No!!! While I think the lack of playing time that Julian is getting is downright criminal, I wouldn't trade him for Nik Lewis. Lewis is talented, no doubt.. but no.. not a trade I'd make.

I was waiting for you. I knew what your response would be..lol.

I am not a fan of Lewis. It would be very hard for me to finish converting my boyfriend to full-time Ticat fan if Lewis was on the team.

Well, it would certainly be one to consider.

On one hand Radlein is a great fullback. Easily one of the top 3 in the league. He's a great blocker who can get short yardage when needed and has fairly reliable hands.

One the other, Lewis has been a game breaker in the past who seems to have fallen out of favour in Calgary. Why that is, isn't very clear, but I think it's important to realize that simply because he's a good receiver doesn't make him a good fit for this team.

I think I would not make the deal. Dickerson is kind of a stiff and an American. Lewis could become a true #1 target for whoever is our QB, but another new receiver is not going to do anything to change our fortunes. He has no understanding of the offense and could take weeks to get up to speed. What happens if one of the guys we've got now really shows something and evolves quickly? What happens if we dump our FB and get another Brazzel in return?

I don't know, maybe I'm just thinking out loud...

I'd say, stick with who we've got and get the team working togetehr and playing as a team.