Would you trade Glenn to Montreal?

The Lions have played six games and Lulay is due to come off the injured list. If he is 100% ready to go, do you think the Lions could trade Glenn to Montreal? The Als have no quarterbacking by the looks of it and that situation seems to be getting worse, not better. I think they could definitely use him whereas the Lions not only wouldn't need him anymore, but they can save salary cap space and get something back after trading away a first round pick for him. Additionally, the Lions don't play the Alouettes again this year, so they don't have to worry about facing him in another game this year (pending an unlikely playoff matchup).

not yet

That would be a terrible trade. BC would be left with zero depth at QB . Lulay could very well go down again and then BC would be in big trouble .

In the best interests of the team, Montreal may be better off looking at a trade for Tate, Nichols, Beck or even Brohm to aid the QB situation instead of the well traveled Glenn.
(same advice for the TiCats)

and it can't hurt to inquire about McPherson either who has a fair bit of CFL experience under his belt and could help immediately.

but regardless of who lines up behind centre, the club appears to have some turmoil within the organization including a coaching staff that lacks cohesion.
Higgins, Dinwiddie, Campbell, and Popp don't seem to be on the same page.

Montreal has to pull the trigger on something involving a QB, so desperate times call for desperate measures?

Sounds like a viable option

Who would they trade to B.C. for Glenn. Is there any player on Montreal's roster any team would want.?? Maybe the kicker / punter back to B.C. to replace McCallum who is ready for a seniors home pretty soon. Whyte can do both and save a salary and create another import position on the team as he is Canadian and from B.C.
Montreal needs a qb. something awful. :cry: :cry: :cry: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Right, because we have absolutely no one that any other team would want? That’s absurd.

Easy does it D&P.

I don't see BC ever considering a trade to anyone. They gave up a first rounder because their starter in Lulay was coming off a serious injury. I don't see anything changing in that situation.

Not if you were a crazy BC fan you wouldn't, Glenn is the best thing to hit BC in awhile, they have a good one two punch with Lulay and Glenn and certainly when Lulay get's healthy again.

Montreal had a shot at Glenn before when he wanted out of Ottawa and they blew it, they could have had him for a good price now try and and get him kit's laughable? Maybe Montreal should just bring back AC, sign him to a Million a year contract!

Als’ 1st selection in the upcoming 2015 draft should be the #1 pick!!!

I'd already have made that trade. The Als play Calgary, Edm, Wpg, Sask a couple times, if the Als can eek out a win against a western opponent, that would substantially bolster the Lions' playoff chances.

The Lions have ex-NFL QB John Beck as backup, who has looked pretty good and could fill in for a quarter or two. Also rookie QB Travis Partridge is not lacking in confidence. Buono probably still has Joey Elliot on speed-dial, if it came down to that.

As an Als fan I would not trade for Glenn or any other veteran QB. Rather, I might consider dealing a few players for talented youngsters (at any position) and draft picks. This is not an in season fixer upper. It requires an offseason of hard work.

Are you serious with this comment?!! :roll:

Bowman, Cox, Green, Carter, Whitaker, anyone one on the O Line… these are just to name a few that any team would welcome to their roster.

Given how Glenn's been playing, I'd look elsewhere.

Perhaps, BC acquired Glenn to upgrade quarterbacking? So far, BC offense has improved to #2 in total yards and #2 in pass yards. In 2013, BC was worser in those statistics. Glenn’s contract fits budget so BC may want to keep him to experiment with two-headed monster of Kevin Lulay. But if Glenn is traded, BC might need offensive linemen in return because that is the weakest position.

worser? Really? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can't see the Lions or anyone else helping out the Al's in this mess they have gotten themselves into without asking for something substantial in return like a top flight Canadian player or an import starter or two. My guess is that the Al's are on their own in trying to turn this fast approaching train wreck of a season around.Tate from Calgary has also be mentioned as possibly going to Montreal,but do you really think that Huff would do that and leave his team vulnerable at the QB position if Bo Levi would happen to get injured ? Didn't think so.In reality the other Eastern teams will not deal with the Al's and in all honesty,even if they did manage to swing a deal somehow
none of them have much to offer in the way of a possible #1 QB that is sitting around as a #2 or #3 anyways.As for the rest of the West(Edmonton,Saskatchewan,Winnipeg)you honestly can't say that any of the backup QB's on these teams have the experience or potential to go anywhere let alone Montreal and jump into a starters role and magically save the day for the Al's.
I have to be honest on this, watching the Al's this season is like watching the Cats circa the dark era from "05-08"
when Hamilton only won 15 games in a 4 year span :oops: The Al's have had an amazing run of stability and success for around 15 years going back to around the "97" season(the yr before Calvillo came to town)but as usual everything in life goes in cycles,some shorter some longer than others.It looks like the Al's are destined for a season or two or perhaps more as the leagues doormats,let's only hope that the fan base after being spoiled for so many years will stick with them while they try to rebuild this once proud franchise.

…I think Popp is burning the midnight oil trying to do whatever it takes to fix the derailing of the Als…That would include beating the bushes down south AND looking over CFL rosters to find a qb…Tebow is rumoured to be on their radar :roll: BUT I think realistically he may try making a deal for a qb. on a CFL roster…Who Popp would deal is any ones guess, but I think a qb. like Brohm could be had for a Larry Taylor for example…I don’t see how they can stick with the current quarterback stable and hope to gain any respectability…Bringing in an nfl type now ,would be a ‘next years’ project…I think the fans would like to see more than that for the remainder of '14…Als. troubles are deeper than a ‘qb. fix’ BUT it would/could be a start… :roll:

But he is now “retired” via the Stampeders…they likely have his rights