Would you trade Bauman for Andy Fantuz

Here is a trade that would make some sense.

Sask born Bauman and Ontario boy Andy Fantuz both heading home.

Similar in talent, and the position that they play.

If carrot top offered the deal to Marcel do you think that he would take it?

I do know what Fantuz brings to the table so that makes this idea very interesting. I do not know much about Bauman having never seen him play. So I don't think I could really answer this one.

Fantuz for Bauman is interesting only from the sense that I would love to have a guy like Fantuz on the team.

I've read from Marcel and Duane Forde and others that Chris is as skilled as Andy and that has me thinking that we are going to like seeing this kid play.

This should be very interesting though. Good Question.

BauMan is faster than Fantuz, Most of or players are playing far from home.

Bauman hasn't even played a single game for us and already you are speculating who we can get for him in a trade?

Bauman has great potential to be a great Ticat receiver for years. Way to make him feel welcome.

I for one look forward to seeing him stretch the field and make some great jump-ball TD catches. He was a smart first-overall pick, and will be very entertaining and effective in Taaffe's system.

Most of us are very happy you're here, Chris.

I want see what the Kid can do

He is Taller then Andy 6'5 to 6'4

Lighter then Andy 215 to 220

He Faster then Andy..

I say we keep him
He did sign for 3 plus an Option

Yea for sure, I see great potential in Bauman. He may be from out west and Fantuz from Ontarion, but that trade would merely be a trade of convience for both players to stay close to home.

I can see Bauman becoming a household name here in steeltown and hope that comes to be the case. From Ontario or from Saskatchewan..either way they are both Canadian :slight_smile:

The concern comes 4 years from now when Bauman turns 25 and is in his prime.
All things being equal would he rather play at home aka Scott Coe?

It's possible that in a year or 2, if Hamilton can develop Bauman into a starter, that such a trade could happen. Both teams may decide that they want to get something for their player before he goes off to free agency.

If Bauman does develop into a bona fide starter, we might not want such a trade. I think if we can develop him, then Bauman is preferable to Fantuz anyway. Someone mentioned his speed, which is important, but the other factor is that Fantuz had that serious knee/leg injury that required reconstructive surgery. His longevity may be a question mark.

As far as keeping Bauman after his 3+option contract expires? The best thing we can do is give him the opportunity to play for a winning team that can compete for the Grey Cup.

At the moment, though, I don't think anyone in his right mind would make a Bauman for Fantuz trade straight-up. Bauman is totally unproven. Fantuz is not exactly a 100% iron-clad guarantee either, but he has shown he can play in the league. We would have to throw in another player or a low draft pick I would guess.


Why not?- if they wanted. It's hard to pick between them based on their playing time until now, isn't it? :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I imagine that they aren't in much of a position to demand anything right now either.

Pre-draft analysis in the Toronto Star said that Fantuz was better than Bauman. I'd have to agree given that Fantuz showed enough to play a year of pro ball. The only thing Bauman's done so far is get drafted. He may have a good pro career---but maybe not. Let's see what he can do against CFL DBs before placing the crown on his head. I don't know why would Sask trade a proven Canadian starter for an unproven Canadian at this stage of the game?

An Argo-Cat fan

Hell.....I'd want them both!

Well it's been a week since Bauman signed his 3 year (plus an option) contract yet he is not yet shown on the roster. I'm sure this is just an "oops!" moment for the employee charged with the responsibility.

(A conspiracy theorist would believe otherwise, of course). :twisted:


We'll have to wait 3-4 seasons before we can really tell who is the better receiver. Imo, I think both of them will be great Canadian receivers for many years to come and should be very valuable to there respective teams.

  1. Bauman JUST signed his first deal here. Can he....errrrrrrrrm...play a little while at least??

The WORST signal you can send as an organization is that you treat high-profile signees or draft picks like spent tissue paper. Hamilton has enough challenges quality-of-life wise (e.g nightlife, networking, side endorsements, etc.) compared to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to attract free agents without the level of commitment of its recruiting team to be questioned.

The idea that you let the ink dry before you act next is a good one, I believe. Follow the example of the most successful sports franchises in this respect.

  1. Who says Eric Tillman would deal Fantuz?

Oski Wee Wee,

No. I like developing home grown players. I prefer when guys we draft turn into great pros.

And I think this kid has everything he needs to succeed and I look forward to many years of him torching defences wearing the Black and Gold.

Bauman had a great CIS season last year (one time CIS all-star) and posted some impressive numbers at the CFL Combine; Fantuz was one of the greatest receivers in CIS history (an all-time record setter and an all-star every year from his rookie season), plus he showed some good stuff in his CFL rookie season. Hopefully Bauman pans out in the CFL too, but Tillspin would be a fool, IMO, to make such a trade at this point.