Would you subscribe to a CFL tv channel.


JUST USE THE TSN SPECIALTY CHANNEL!!! Which is used to broadcast the alternate feed(say when a game is blacked out, or regionalized)

TSN doesn't use this channel at all during normal programming hours. Baseball doesn't get blacked out(to my knowledge) and it's the only sport(I beleive) that plays games before 6PM.

So use TSN's channel to put on Afternoon/evening programming during the entire CFL season.

4 Hours of CFL programming can easily be put on per week, this channel comes with the Satalite sports package already.
TSN would make money through sponsorship of course.
having the show sponsored by Wendy's perhaps and sell off 10 minutes of commercial time per hour(:25-:30 and :55-:00)
During the 4 hours, replay 1 CFL game each day of the week(mon, tues, wen, Thurs)on labour day weekend, monday becomes friday