Would you subscribe to a CFL tv channel.

Let's see there's the NHL network, the NFL network, Leafs TV, Raptors TV, Golf TV, fishing tv...etc.

How about CFL TV.

Complete with biographies, player profiles, classic games, CFL history, game recaps and analysis, trivia and condensed replay of all games.

Those all have lots of money... The CFL doesnt at this point and time.

For starters, NHL network and Raptors TV, both of which I can say ive watched, are both terrible channels.

NFL network has a couple of good shows, but is far from a good channel either.

There’s not enough stuff to put on a CFL channel really.

I would but I doubt it would fly, they have to give the NFL Network for free in some places as they weren't getting enough subscribers, CFL wouldn't get enough.

Maybe they aren't doing things properly on those other stations.

I watched a classic hockey game on the NHL network, condensed to about 1 hour, and enjoyed it. Why can't they do that with classic CFL games?

Also, they condense hockey games and remove all of the dead time and commercials, and you can watch a replay of an entire 2.5 hour game in an hour. They could do that with every CFL game.

Also, since there are only 8 teams in the league, it should be possible to interview every player on the starting line-up on each team.

This would be great promotion for the league.

And, they could sell the channel in the U.S., and this would reveal if there is any support for the league south of the border.

Sounds fascinating. Maybe they could have a camera at Commonwealth to watcht he grass grow too.

The interest is not there. Whether we're talking about the NFL or CFL, regardless of how the league is popular coast to coast, individual fans focus more on their own team. A Montreal fan would be less drawn to a show recaping Calgary's history for example. And because the bulk of your content would be historical stuff, you don't even get the draw of having fans of other teams watch hoping to see one team lose that you do in regular season games.

You'd be drawing from a specific fanbase: that of whichever team is involved (and only the die-hards among them) and those who'll watch anything having to do with the CFL no matter what. Not everyone who goes to games is interested in every player's life story.

Even as it, every game is televised, most if not all have a pre-game show which will cover news items, classic games are already shown (ESPN CLassic Canada, I believe) and there's that Snap recap show going on. That's not counting features on all the Sporscenter type shows. come a point, there's only so much of interest to be said.

CRFadmin, I don't agree with everything you just said, but it may be true that CFL coverage in Canada is already fairly thorough.

But what about the States?

There was some discussion on these boards where it was suggested that there are as many people watching CFL south of the border as there are in Canada.

It was suggested that this could be an untapped market for the CFL to exploit; but, how do you do it?

If you have a CFL tv network, and if you sold it in the States with every live televised game included (you wouldn't necessarily do that in Canada) you could probably make some money.

I think this would be a better approach than to try and expand teams to the U.S. again.

I agree that it would be better than expanding, but I'm not knowledgeable enough about television structure (especialy in the US) to sugget how to go about that part of it.

My first concern is that something like the NFL Network is something that people subscribe to (at least here it is, I assume the same is true in the States), so only existing fans pick it up. I doubt that it would cause additional exposure for that reason alone. Those networks rely on their die-hards.

I also seem to see the same damn commercials on the NFL Network, over and over again ("T.J....T.J...Whosyourmama?"). If they struggle to find sponsorship, I doubt the CFL would find it an easy ride.

I think the NFL network should take on some CFL games and news. After all they're suppose to be partners now aren't they.
In Canada, if "Leafs TV' were to include the CFL in their package I would be interested in subscribing.

Good ideas there DB. Yes, I'm a Habs fan but probably would subscribe to Leafs TV if they included the CFL in their package. But somehow I think that this will never happen but stranger things have happened I suppose. :wink:

As was mentioned above, they already show classic CFL games on ESPN classic Canada. The CFL would probably lose money on a channel, why bother?

The league is in great shape right now but that's not an excuse to go and waste money and time on things.

The best thing the CFL is doing
is moving on the internet.

Till league has 20 Teams a TV Station Won't work.

A TV station is a waste because of the low activity it would have in the off-season.

However if NHL stations of teams like Leafs TV, teamed up with the local CFL team that would work just fine.

The only thing the CFL needs is for say TSN to have their extra channel(second channel) carry CFL only programming every day for 3-4 hours.

-Keep TSN as is right now, with it's coverage.
But during the week, have a daily 30-45 minute CFL show(advertise it on the regular TSN).
-Show complete replays of CFL games during the week.

-In the Off-season keep this station as it is right now, all this station is currently used for is to carry alternate programming for games that are blacked out.

-Show things like sounds of the game, hits of the week, plays of the week.
More of the "why I play" segments(from week 1 two thursday games)
-have a few player bio's, interviews.

The only cost for TSN is make the programming, contrary to popular beleive it isn't that hard as seen by the amount of stuff on TSN broadbrand.

if this was on a station like TSN-S then they could sell more commercial time(10 minutes an hour, :25-:30 :55-:00)
Just having a 40 Minute Program(in two 20 minute segments) + 2 5 minute Game stuff(highlights, sounds of the game stuff) That would run twice a day with a CFL game replay(like on Broadband) Between.

That's perfect, it's easy to do.

Use the CFL on TSN panel to host the show.
Interviews can be done by the Color commentator who is in several cities already to cover the game + Brian Williams + TSN correspondants(there is 1 in every CFL city).

If it's a slow week, then it's time to interview a team owner, Cohon, CFL official, Asper.

The Canadian market can't support it. Even in the US which has much larger market can't support the NFL network.

In Canada it would be a little easier as the CRTC would approve any rates. But in the US the rates are set by network. In this case the NFL, and there has been a significant amount of fighting between the cable companies and NFL over the rates.

As much as I would like to see it happen, it wont. Not enough content, and not a big enough market to support it.

The only way it would work is if it was as the Canadian affiliate of NFL Network. The "Football Network" would show CFL and NFL stuff. That's the only way it would ever work.

Even that might be a stretch.

But yes, I would buy a CFL channel for sure.

TIMH You gave me an idea.

Since the CFL and NFL are supposed to be "Partners" what about the NFL Network devoting some hours per week to the CFL?

Just a food for thought.

They don't even do NCAA, why would they do CFL?

That's why a Canadian affiliate could happen. They could put NFL and CFL on it. I doubt the NFL would do that though, the CFL would have to put some money into it.

I would subscribe if the core of the programming was replay of every game played in the last 50 yrs. Would love to watch many favorites from the late 70's to the late 90's, as well as some from before.

To watch Moon, Flutie, Fernandez, J.C Watts, Holloway, Winfield, John Henry White, Harry Holt, etc etc. What I wouldnt give, up to a buck 99 a month anyhow.

The NFL won't do it because they still see the CFL as a type of competition. Ridiculous as it sounds when you compare revenues and such, the NFL does not wish for the CFL to gain ground in its market. You don't think the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore just for a better deal do you? The Stallions were losing fans at the end of their CFL life, but if they had survived, which is likely, they would have been the foot in the door for the CFL to properly expand in the US.

At some point, agressive businesspeople would want franchises to try and rival the NFL's profits. They'd have learned from the previous mistakes and would slowly build quality teams.