Would you sign QB Vince Young if you were a CFL GM?

If you were a CFL General Manager, Would you sign QB Vince Young?

*Vince Young is currently on the Montreal Alouettes Neg List, possible Adrian McPherson replacement in 2013?

CFL teams were VERY interested in Vince Young in 2012. But Young's agent wanted WAY TOO MUCH money. Around $450,000 to $500,000 a season. That will not happen. A few CFL teams where interested around the $250,000 mark, which imo is alot to spend on a guy who is not proven.

I’d never sign him as a QB because he got a 4 or 6 or some other pathetically bad score on the Wonderlic test. I flat out don’t believe he is smart enough to learn and know a full playbook and be able to read defenses, audible etc. If he would take a lower salary and would convert to being a pass catching halfback or wide receiver, I might be willing to give him a try.

Vince Young is a worse QB than Cleo Lemon, or even Akili Smith...and less valuable than Steven Jyles who has 6 or 7 years of CFL experience.

No CFL GM would want Young even if he signed for the league minimum salary ($44,000).

Any QB who floundered in the NFL after getting so many chances to play wouldn't stand a chance in the CFL. Even many star NFL QB's would struggle here. They need a very strong arm due to the huge CFL field; they must have a keen sense of the pass rush with the quickness to scramble and pass on the run; and absorb hard blind-side hits and not complain about it. With 12 defenders (and often 2 or 3 blitzers) there is always pass pressure in the CFL and not the nice neat pockets QB's often see in the NFL.

Also the reads are totally different in the NFL. In the CFL the QB's must to through their progression after the snap and react to what the defence is doing on the fly. In the NFL most QB reads are done before the snap. Totally different skill-set.

Alot of interest in Vince Young in 2012.

I think Vince Young has the skill set to play in the CFL: strong arm, great running ability and can make plays happen on the fly. The problem with Young is that he lacks the work ethic needed to be successful. If Young couldn't be bothered when he was making top-3 NFL money, then I just can't see him caring if he's playing for $300,000/year. If his head was on straight then I think he'd make a great CFL QB; however, his head isn't so I think I'd pass.

If Vince Young is indeed broke as the reports say he should be getting himself into top shape and get into a camp.
He has the right skill set and a world of experience playing at a high level but has a reputation for having a poor work ethic. He tried to get starters money before even stepping onto a field yet.
His NFL career is done and he will be receiving a nice NFL pension for the number of years he has played.
Holding out this season looking for 450K salary he has found he will have to earn that.
If he has the will to play he would be able to get a 250k salary. If he proves he is willing to play he does have the perfect skill set and would be awesome and could then receive a starters salary especially with the new TV deal coming the cap will see a bump and he could be worth 450K. But that is a lot of Ifs. After a year without no pay and a whole off season to work his way back into top shape he may have a change of mind.

If the CFL raises the salary cap then maybe they could go after some higher profile players that wouldn't think about the CFL.
If it's true that the CFL is talking about a $50 million TV contract, the players will want a big chunk of that.

He is dumb but his physical skill set is perfect for the CFL. I think he would have a pretty hard time adjusting to our game mentally, though.

That is very true. I would like the see the Cap go up to at least 6 to 6.5 million enabling teams to pay their top QBs 500k. Some other stars 200k plus. and still be able to round out the roster with good players. They have a minimum salary that needs to really go up at least a bit.
What I would like to see is a Max salary a team can pay a player at 400 to 500K. This way no one can begin to go wild over one player keeping the talent level yet being able to sign a QB like a Vince Young ( not nessessarily him just an example) pay a JC sherrit 250 to 300 K and not be left with nothing to pay the rest of the 46 man.

Or something along those lines

I think he would be ok. the West Coast Montreal/Toronto Offense he has played with the eagles it was really his work ethinc that left him without a job.

Did you watch him with the Eagles?

Vince Young is the Mike Bishop of the NFL... plenty to talent... but can't put it all together to be an elite QB...

So far that may appear to be true but if he wants to play in the CFL and earn a starters salary he will need to change his ways quickly. I think by now everyone realizes it does not matter what your name is you better be ready and focused if you want to cross the border to the CFL. I think he got a reality check when he could not get what he was asking for, 400k to 500K, to come to the CFL. As a QB in the CFL he will be in a position to make that kind of money but will need to earn it.

Sure a team can sign Vince Young if the team is also on a ship of damn fools.

JMan is not kidding not only about quite an adjustment mentally to the game but also to life in general when you consider his consistent antics well beyond the playing field.

Cam Newton is fighting hard to not head down the same road and has even more talent and was shamefully the winner of the Heisman Trophy too. Like Young, Newton sucks as a leader but the media are protecting his lame butt like they did JaMarcus Russell too long because he was #1 draft pick.

Keep looking I would say to any CFL team.

First, by "winner of the Heisman trophy too" are you implying that Young won the Heisman? He did not. Reggie Bush won it that year (later vacating it).

Secondly, the media protected JaMarcus Russell? What media? I never heard one word of praise for Russell after he was drafted. They talked him up during the draft process, but once he was on the field people saw how terrible he was. No one protected him.

Thirdly, before you attack Cam Newton, perhaps you should peruse the Panthers' roster. It's not like he's playing with perennial Pro Bowl players on offense. His running backs have let him down, Steve Smith is having his typical down year following a great year and guys like Brandon LaFell haven't developed the way the team thought they would. Newton is in a bit of a sophomore slump, but it is way too early close the door on him.

Also, why was it shameful that Newton won the Heisman? He was head and shoulders the best player in college football the year he won, so I don't understand how it is shameful that he won.

And no one is protecting him either. He's getting killed for his supposed bad attitude on every NFL show I watch. I suspect you think people on here don't watch a lot of NFL coverage and will take your American viewpoint as fact, when in reality what you just wrote runs counter to everything that has been said about Newton this year and Russell in past years.

I wonder what the status of Troy Smith is. 3 years with the Ravens from '07 to '09 and a season with th 49ers in '10 before Jim Harbaugh went a different direction with Alex Smith "11 in the UFL and signing with the steelers to a futures deal in JAN 2012 but was released in June 2012. Have not heard from him since. Played enough to be eligible for an NFL pension but will only be 29 next season and the CFL could be something that could interest Smith and vise versa.
With a new TV deal coming at the same time of the new CBA a bump in the Cap could be enough to have some good QBs to become interested. As well as the expansion of a 9th team GMs will be looking for QB talent under every rock.

:thup: Interesting.

Getting 'killed?' :? That's way over the top considering the dominant coverage of Newton. Even though they did get on his case only earlier this season, they did not do it near as much as they would have if he were not #1 draft pick so as to keep the draft machine facade rolling for the college football agenda especially on ESPN!

You obviously don't watch much ESPN let alone the NFL promo they are running with him now almost two years after all his draft hype. Perhaps if you are not watching the same hype we see constantly down here your perspective is obviously way different. They are still giving him another undue pass like they did in the NCAA. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

You want legitimate and not even in the same discussion any more as overhyped Newton as I did indeed predict correctly though had it wrong for his rookie season? RGIII is the real deal now not Newton for sure.

The short version is that he sucks too.

You said he was protected because he was the first pick in the draft and that has nothing to do with his time at LSU. When he played at LSU he was a very good quarterback, so they weren't protecting him, they were rightfully saying he was a good player.

"He'll meet his ultimate fate like Vince Young I think." (my added emphasis). So you make a claim and then backpeddle by saying "I think." Newton might not become a great player, but your response completely ignored what I said. Check out Carolina's roster. Find me one player on their aside from Steve Smith that has had any sustained success at the NFL level. There isn't any. Carolina thought having just Newton was enough, but it's not. No team wins with one player and as great as Newton was in his rookie season, no QB wins by himself. Every successful QB has great players around him. No one does it by themselves.

What does any of this have to do with his final season at Auburn and what he did on the field? Was Newton not the best player in college football in 2010? Is that not what the Heisman trophy is meant to recognize? I don't care what his dad did or that he got in trouble while at Florida. He was a college kid; did you not do anything stupid while you were in college (assuming you went to college)?

What are you talking about? Newton has been getting hammered by ESPN, NFL Network, NBC, CBS and any other network that covers the NFL. I don't know what coverage you are watching, but it definitely isn't the same stuff I've been seeing.

Newton getting ad stuff has nothing to do with his on-field accomplishments. Newton is a charismatic guy and companies buy into that. They aren't giving him an pass and we obviously watch vastly different programming (and I watch a lot of NFL Network, but we only get some ESPN programs up here). To say that Newton is getting "another undue pass" is just flat out a lie. He's been getting crushed by almost everybody since his terrible performance against the Giants on Thursday Night Football in, I think, Week 3.

And I don't understand how he got an undue pass in college either. He was a one-year starter at Auburn and was great. He won the Heisman, led Auburn to a BCS championship and had an all around amazing season. I don't get what you have against Newton, but saying he got an undue pass for what he did in college makes no sense.

Griffin has played great so far, but he's having the exact same first season that Newton had. Let's see how great Griffin is next year when teams have film on him. Let's see if Washington surrounds him with players at running back and receiver. Griffin looks great right now, but Newton looked great at this point in his rookie season. Let's see where Griffin is in year 2 before we go anointing him.