Would you sign Canadian QB Kyle Quinlan?

Would you sign Undrafted Non Import (Canadian) Free Agent, Former Hamilton Ti-Cat/Montreal Alouette QB Kyle Quinlan from McMaster?

Kyle Quinlan is 6ft 3", 205lbs. For a Canadian Quarterback, Quinlan is a lot different than many other former CFL non import QB's. He throws the ball like any current CFLer. His accuracy & scambling ability are better then alot of current CFLers. And his non import status helps the ratio. Yes he looks amazing in the CIS. But if a CFL team gave him 3 years to develop, he will push for starting snaps.

My take:
I would do it. Quinlan is a great prospect and the CFL should be ashamed for not giving him a chance. The guy should have been drafted! :thup: to Montreal & Hamilton for having him in camp giving him experience. And double :thup: to the next team who invests time and money into giving him a REAL shot! Paul LaPolice is REALLY high on him. Maybe when Paul is officially announced as the new Offensive Cordinator in Edmonton come December/January, Edmonton also signs Quinlan.

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CFLversusNFL wrote,with regards to Kyle Quinlan: "his non import status helps the ratio". I would like to know how. Each Team can dress 3 QBs,a max. of 19 Imports and 20 Non-imports. You could have 3 non-import QBs and the max, Imports that can dress remains at 19.

A non-import QB does not affect the ratio! In next sunday's Western final, Calgary will dress a non-import QB,yet the Imports will be no more than 19,same as last week when 3 import QBs dressed.


Kyle Quinlan, becoming a starter. At QB or moved to another postion (for example: Fullback). Hes got the talent.

Should they sign Kyle Quinlan, why not?

Honestly, i would like to see him in the CFL. I think he has all the tools and just needs time.

I say sign Quinlan for the practice roster and cut Masoli.
At least Quinlan can see over his offensive line and dosent look like a runt. Give the Canadian kid a shot and a couple years, although by that time hopefully Matt Nichols is the next Ricky Ray with more mobility and Quinlan can back him up at number 2! :thup:

Wishful thinking, but it could happen :smiley:

Cut Masoli? Why? He hasnt even been given a chance! The guy is an Elite CFL QB Prospect! Honestly, if Edmonton cuts Masoli, thats ANOTHER huge mistake!

Quinlan can pay his dues like Nichols & Masoli have. 1st year = 9 Game IR, 2nd year = 3rd stringer, etc.

As for Nichols, lets not already compare him to Ricky Ray. Nichols has 0 wins as a starter. Throwing all the eyes in his basket would be a mistake. Edmonton still needs someone to push Nichols, example: Adrian McPherson or Mike Reilly.

Kyle Quinlan is a good prospect. He has all the tools, but he is honestly 3-4 years away from becoming a backup in the CFL.

I never really compared Nichols to Ray, I just said he "hopefully he is the next Ricky Ray". Never compared, and you may be right about Masoli, he just sucked in preseason, and I like QBs over 6 feet.

Ok. And for Masoli, it was his first EVER time playing the Canadian game. Alot of guys struggled. Look at Henry Burris when he came back from the NFL. BRUTAL. lol. It takes time, specially with a young QB. Nichols, it took him 3 years.