would you release Willy?

Willy has been replaced as the starter in the Peg, and is 'earning' $400,000+ to stand on the sidelines.

Can Winnipeg afford to pay their backup QB that kind of cash?

How long before financial logic kicks in and they release him, thus saving themselves a lot of cash?

Anyone else thinking Willy won't be in blue and gold much longer?

Would you release him if the decision was yours?

Probably not this season, he was the only reason Winnipeg won most of their games in previous years before injuries. Nichols has played two games, and even though the bombers put up alot of points, his stats were quite average. If he plays well the rest of the year, then in the offseason you make the decision, but not yet.

I still think, Willy has more ability than Nichols, but he needs to up his game.

One point, I have noticed. The play calling seems to be more aggressive with Nichols. It might be the QB, but the playing calling seems different in the last two games.

Willy is a great back up for the time being. We have seen his ability to play. I'd get rid of O'Shea first.

I wouldn't get rid of anybody. Stability is what that franchise needs.

Yup...it's a long season, a lot can happen. Marathon, not a sprint.

not yet.
BUT if Nichols continues to produce and becomes the clear numero uno, the Bombers should try to renegotiate Willy’s $400,000 salary and up Nichols’ pay.

Willy would be a great backup/insurance somewhat similar to Tate in Calgary but whether he would be open to taking a paycut is another matter.

Methinks Willy would refuse as he held out during TC early last season posturing to get a better deal with Winnipeg.

Watch what happens to Nichols next week against the Argos.

The guy is a terrible QB - - at best, he's a clipboard holder. He's taken advantage of two embarrassingly bad defences, but reality is about to set in.

After Nichols gets benched/KTFO'd in Toronto, this thread will at least be good for a chuckle.

Willy hasn't been the same guy since returning. He's hesitant, he does not trust his receivers, hangs on to the ball way too long.

His successes reminde me a lot of Crompton's. A lot of suicide throws and hail mary deep balls that were being caught.

He isn't playing well at all.

Unless you need the influx of cash to sign a big name NFL cut and than hell no. QBs drop like flies nowadays, Willy may not be the best, but they at least know what they have with him rather than the unknown, especially if Nichols steers this team to a playoff hunt late in the season, I'd much rather have to throw Willy in than Dominique Davis and that's no slight against Davis but in those situations you need some experience and Willy still has that to offer in a pinch.

....Willy is not going anywhere UNLESS he can't find his game...then he'll be dealt with end of year most likely...There could be a trade to a playoff contending team that runs into qb. problems ....otherwise he stays put....Nichols is playing great and unless he falters or is injured, I see Willy holding the clipboard for quite awhile....No way he keeps his current contract and that would be a contentious issue for another club trying to pick him up....Lots of question marks about Willy but mostly with regard to his returning to his no 1 spot.... I don't think the Bombers have totally given up on him yet. :roll:

Release Willy?

You mean free Willy from his obligations to the team?

Might it be fair to say that you want to FREE WILLY????

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Since when have the Argo's morphed in to the 85 Bear's ?? :roll:

They’ve held opponents to 20 or fewer points in FOUR (4) of their last FIVE (5) games.

Willy might do a lot better ,if he started clean with a new team. Sometime getting out of town is a good thing.

Nichols has played two good games. It's a bit early to give him the keys to the place, just yet! It's looking positive but things can change very quickly. I think you have to wait 5 or 6 more games before you consider releasing Willy.

with the way QB injuries have been going this year, you'd be crazy to release a QB in the middle of the season. Who knows when you might need him again?

Release...no...restructure...yes. combine both players contracts and split it somewhere in the middle.

Pretty much as you say - Willy appears to be a broken man (as far as #1 QB is concerned). Only way he sees action is if Nichols is injured (and then O'Shea might have to think hard about putting Davis or Bennet in)

As far as the $400k is concerned the bombers apparently gave DW a huge signing bonus (neighbourhood of $150k) so cutting him only saves a few sheckels and lets Willy float to another team (Toronto perhaps) where his lethargic drop-back style might meet Argo standards)

Hi there Lyle. You are going to have fun here with a guy nsmed Area 51..lol

Lyle what a surprise - - good to see you again, my friend.

Speaking of broken men how's your buddy, the manic depressive from Vancouver, doing over at rf.com? I hear things are pretty dead over there. Understandable, given how hopeless the Riders are again this year.