Would you release a Duke Williams for selfishness?

Forget that its Duke Williams or even the Riders organization. If you were a GM and your star player took a penalty when he wasnt even dressed, would you cut him? With all the NFL cuts right now, could he be replaced? hummmmmm.


DL to keep him off the cap and to prevent him catching on with another team and hurting us in the playoff run. Internal team fine for sure. Make him stand up and apologize to team and publicly to fans. Trade him if theres value, otherwise let him rot for a bit to see if he learns.

If he continues, then yes, consider release. But still try to find a replacement, because he will have to go eventually.


Problem with just sticking him on the injured list is if he's healthy and disputes it, you're gonna get in trouble. Stupid play but I don't think he's going anywhere mid season.


what did he actually do?

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You're probably correct there. I'd still fine him internally and make him do the apologies.

Of course, I'm old school and believe in barracks justice. I wonder if the rest of the team might -- ahem -- handle the issue.

who knows? picked his nose? but it was taunting for sure. someone else wrote in another thread about Morris that there should be a rule that nobody else can sign a disciplined player until the following season. For me, I am a very happy Flames fan that just saw Tkachuk go. Best day of my life. No more comments about class from Edmonton and all that. Even though Leon sticks guys in the 'area' and nothing gets said about that. Don't have to pay him 80M when he is slow and puts his team in a position. I am sure Rider fans are starting to feel that too, and as a fan, it sucks. Everyone picking on your team. I'd get rid of him. Always someone else.

For me, it'd depend on his attitude toward the incident. If he's truly contrite and gets that across to his teammates, I wouldn't release him. Some other internal discipline? Sure. But if he's open to making it a learning moment, then I'd keep him.

Release him? No. Offer him a contract next year that reflects his #19 standing right now & includes the damage he does to his team. I figure about $1.95 per game should be about right.

Does anyone know that the reason he left Buffalo was because of damage to his hip that will never heal? They released him because if he kept playing and was further injured he could sue the heck out of them so they paid him the max medical settlement and sent him on his way.

So far this year he has missed 3 games injured, parts of most of the game he played injured, and 1 game suspended out of 12 games. Nobody has room on their roster for that or the crap that has got him in trouble all year.

….rider receiver and bomber db tumble out of bounds into the rider bench area…ref follows them into the gathering scrum…DW, in street clothes, is in the middle of the cluster and gets into the grille of the bb db, says something to him that catches the ear of the ref, and a flag is tossed…


Didn’t know the extent of his injuries, but it’s clear to most that he is no longer effective when on the field and now damaging when off the field. It would be foolish to keep him on the roster in my opinion. I get that he may be a fan favourite and all, but winning teams make the hard decisions when necessary, as the Bombers did with Harris.

I have no faith that the Riders, who have zero discipline from management on down, will mete out any internal discipline for Duke’s brainless act. I figure that there must be a huge green rug in the locker room and a staff of at least 4 with brooms that are kept busy by the actions of Duke, Marino and others.

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He wanted to come back to Edmonton but failed medicals.....

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He had a great playoff game for the Buffalo bills a couple of years ago. I remember him making an amazing catch in which he was hit hard and fell on the tip of his shoulder. I think he was injured on that play. He is a shell of that player this year. Maybe it's because of his hip injury, not sure. But after seeing the returning receivers play yesterday for Saskatchewan, Duke is definitely dispensable.

If I was a CFL GM I'd be even more selfish than the players I'm paying. So I'd keep Duke Williams as long as he's making plays and helping my team win - but when the season ends I'd dump him faster than yesterday's garbage! Trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rd draft pick - or cut him outright. He's an undisciplined, selfish player who's also taking on injuries in his final years and deserves no more than his current paycheque.

I wouldn't necessarily release him for Selfishness, I would release him because he has dropped as many as he's caught this year and is a classless, spitting, POS.

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The issue I see is multiple infractions in a very short time frame
And (as pointed out above) all are super stupid ones that throw his team & league into disrepute

He really should be getting close to banned level but some will scream he has not done any serious crimes

July - fined + suspended for throwing helmet at an Argo player in pregame (also accused of spitting at him during game)
Aug - fined for breaking security protocols (going into stands during game and eating nachos) vs Elks (and worse doubling down making jokes after he was fined for it)

And now this

Yes, a distraction like him is too costly