Would you rather

Answer the previous post's question, ask your own.......

Would you rather lie on a beach or take a cruise?

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Would you rather have a bottle in front of me or a frontal labotomy?

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Iv'e been in situations where it turned out exactly the same way. :smile:


Bailey Quarters or Jennifer Marlowe?

Bailey - always had a thing for the quiet ones......

and a bottle in front of me....

Go to and F1 race of your choice for a week or go the the Isle of Man TT for a week?

F1 race all the way omg. Monaco GP please.


Monaco. (With enough funds to enjoy the experience)

Aprilia RSV4 (or similar) on a mountain backroad or Harley Electra Glide on Route 66?


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(gotta ask the next question....)

wouldja rather have unlimited wealth or live 100 yrs in the prime of your life, but on minimum wage.

I did... one more post up.

Look at me skimming.....

for @FootbalYouBet the unlimited wealth....

and for @Hit.em.hard, The RSV4 and a back road please....

A summer football game on a perfect evening, or a last game fight for a playoff spot in October on a chilly day?

This is not a new question but a clarification of yours: In person or on TV?

in person

Bailey no doubt at all. I always had a saying about women and Bailey fits it to a tee,"She doesn't need make up."

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