Would you rather

  • 1 Wednesday, 1 Friday, 2 Saturday games
  • 2 Friday, 2 Saturday games
  • 1 Friday, 3 Saturday games

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We're entering the post-Labour Day part of the schedule where CFL gamedays have to avoid Thursdays and Sundays so TSN/CTV doesn't have schedule conflicts with the NFL. When the league released the revised 14-game schedule, I was surprised to see three Tuesday/Wednesday games in the autumn here. But since I live in the Eastern Time Zone, I really like this set up since double header Fridays are too late and I usually can't watch all three games on a Saturday. It also lines up well with Thanksgiving since it ends before that weekend and the Argonauts and Redblacks have enough time before the Monday.

The downside to weekday games are for the people going to the games, but I'm actually looking forward to going to the Argos' Wednesday game on October 6. I probably wouldn't be doing much on that weeknight anyway.

I was even thinking that the league could schedule the Argos vs. Tiger-Cats Labour Day rematch for nine days later on the following Wednesday to give teams a proper break (the Friday rematch four days later is always tough on players). Although for visiting Hamilton fans, it might be tricky.

What do you guys think of how the autumn games are set up? What would you rather have for next year's fall schedule?

I would rather have 1 tue, 1 wed, and 2 fri. Leave thur, mon and sun, for NFL, and leave Sat for having company over who wont interfere with the games. Funny thing, not every one wants to watch football all afternoon. Go Figure

2 games on Friday. 2 games on Saturday. Pick your best time slot and stick to it so people know where to find you. Continuity works


I'm not voting because it's an irrelevant question. Here's why -- split screen.

When I watch sports I usually have more than one game running on my screen. One section has the CFL, the other has another game. Sometimes I'll stream 3 games at the same time.



Think of your monitor/TV set as a night club with each game being a chick. It’s doable and it’s great.

If a game ends up as a runaway blowout the game gets dropped and replaced by another game. The game with just minutes to go with the outcome coming down to the last play gets enlarged.

Life is good.

P.S. I like Melissa Villaseñor and the Alouettes

How about people that buy the NFL Sunday ticket - they have like 8 games going on at 1PM and another 8 games after that.

But I would like to see the CFL Thurs, Fri, Sat Sun in the summer.
Then after Labour Day it goes down to Friday night and the triple header Saturday games


Since TSN controls the schedule, it will be whatever they want. Fully understand TSN that they wouldn't want two products that produce some of their largest regular ratings.
However, in an Ideal world,
1 Friday night game.
1-2 Saturday games (Prior to HNIC- Primetime, once NHL starts early games)
1-2 Sunday games. Still the best day to watch football. As for NFL, there is the
split screen or PVR.
However, this is TSN's product.
2 Fridays
2 Saturdays (Again don't put both games head to head with HNIC)

Somehow, maybe CBC, get a game of the week for Usports Football. Either one National, or 2 with regional coverage. To reduce costs, partner with a University's/ College's journalist and broadcasting department. Put the 2 games on at the same time, East /West. The French version of CBC can cover the RESQ. Maybe make Thursday nights Usports football in Canada.


At least a Sunday game after Labour Day.

One Friday, 2 Saturday and one Sunday.

If and when they go to 10 teams, to they may have to utilize Sundays.


Need to put Sunday up there on the choices .

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Three days a week please! Wednesday (or Tuesday), Friday and Saturday (or Sunday) would be just fine. :smiley: :+1:


But only before the NFL season starts

Two Friday and two Saturday. That way folks who watch both leagues get more
to watch, and we wouldn’t have to compete with the juggernaut down south.

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If we have Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun before the NFL starts it means that the CFL is in the news 4 days a week.
Then the NFL starts and we have football Thursday to Monday night. TSN/CTV make a lot of money on the Sunday NFL games and it looks like that the Saturday CFL games are getting higher ratings among the 19 - 50 crowd. Makes no sense to have CFL going head to head with the NFL since young people will watch the NFL and the advertising dollars follow that young demographic

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In a normally scheduled year I agree with you.

In the summer I would go with 7 pm start in the fall 4 pm . This gives you a 1pm Sunday BC game once in awhile .

Sunday Works fine for the playoffs and Grey CUP they should place one game on at a usual time slot for people to easily find it . They had no problem competing for decades it was the NFL that had the hard time for years .

With Ottawa regional games gathering small ratings something is amiss . Time to get Ottawa and Montreal host Sunday late afternoon games in the fall .

They usually sell out if a half assed team is assembled for people to cheer for … … Thats what counts the most .

Somewhere between 4 pm EST and 4:30 pm same bat time same bat channel .


The CFL ratings are about the same going up against the NFL as they are when not going up against the NFL, but from TSN’s perspective it makes more sense to have CFL in a timeslot where they won’t be competing against themselves.

I agree that more afternoon games late in the season would be preferable for live gates. But TSN seems to want the Saturday night CFL games to compete against HNIC.

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I would rather swing on a star...

I strongly dislike midweek games. The weekend is football mode for me. I love my football but I'm not addicted. I want good football on my weekends, not an intravenous feed every night. I like one Friday night game to kick off my weekend, but a Friday nite double is too much. Then I like the other 3 games spread over Sat Sun in any order. I voted for the triple-header only because it was the closest option to what I like, but really the triple-header is a bit too much.

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I am a football addict. I want to watch all of the CFL games each week as well as a minimum of 5 whole NFL games. Add in 1 or 2 AFL games when available.

Therefore I am not in favor of CFL on Sun during NFL season.

I have no interest in NHL sat during football seasons.