Would you rather?

Hopefully, better days are ahead. If and when things go back to some sense of normalcy, what are looking foreword to doing most?

  • Dining out.
  • Drinking out.
  • More friends and family time
  • CFL games at the stadium
  • Other

Taking a road trip with my wife through out BC for about a week.

Having my elderly in-laws over.

Be nice to celebrate our anniversary at the Keg, but probably wont happen. Maybe in time for our 40th in 23.

Not needing to wear a mask indoors.

Using cash

One thing I am looking forward to NOT doing is shaking hands. Never liked it.

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i want to watch a CFL game on a Friday and going to a movie in a Theatre on Saturday.


Other travel .

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It would just be nice to have friends over for dinner or a big BBq again. And we will definitely book a getaway for some time in 2022 assuming things open up

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How about all of the above in due time of course.


Can't fault you for not wanting to shake hands.

Who knows where that hand's been :grinning:.

All at the same time, assuming pizza a hotdogs count as dining out.

Sure why not?

I ain’t no foodie blogging yelper.

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Not judgment from me🍻

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No...I think we’re on the same page there.

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Going to a theater. I miss watching movies on the big screen and the popcorn. Microwave popcorn ain't the same watching a movie at home

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I heard theatres locally were actually selling takeout popcorn. Not sure if that’s true but they probably make more in that in a year than actual ticket sales.

They did last fall. The local theater where I live hasn't opened up.

I tried countless times to recreate the theater style popcorn at home. I tried jet air smothered in butter, stove top. I even bought a popcorn maker replica. I even went on online to find the secret, but no dice. I could never duplicate it

Close is Orville Redenbachers movie butter style .

Get one of those paper bags they sell at the dollar store for popcorn .

Then microwave a small bowl of real butter ; smother it and it's the greasy movie stuff .

What I want is the syrupy machine pop they give you to watch it down with . That I have trouble duplicating .

The smell of the cooked oil in the microwave popcorn makes me want to vomit some times depends on the the cheaper product like First Act or the no name brands

Attend a Stampeders game with my regular group, hands down

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^^^^^^^^ Hanging with the posse! Beauty.