would you rather....

enlight of recent discussions on this board made me wonder what people on this board would do if htey had the choice. if you were a highschool kid or a father or mother of one and you recieved a full ride to a division 1 school in the ncaa would you go or would you go to mac to stay true to the canadian game that you love so much. i personally would want to go down south just to compete at the highest level?

Well depends , would my son have to take steroids ? Is he gonna get an education ? Does he stand a chance of even being on the field ? How does the education down thier stand up to jobs up here after ?

i'd rather be 2-9 than from toronto.

haha all stereotypes. thats like an american asking if their kid would have to live in an igloo. and we would have to assume that all canadian kids leave universtiy with a degree.

I went to Mac, played football there and now live in the US. One day in the near future, I will probably be making this decision for real.

The level of competition down here from Pee Wee on up rivals that of hockey in Canada. If you want to be a great football player you will have a much better chance playing in the US than in Canada. To me, there is no cut and dried answer to this question. Here's how is stacks up:

If my kid is smart enough to get into Mac he is miles ahead of the majority of kids coming out of the US public school system. If I feel he can juggle the full time requirements of Division 1 football and getting a good education, he takes the free ride to a US school and my wife and I buy a boat with his education fund.

If the kid truely can make a living playing football - and I would have to be brutally honest with his talents while making this decision - he goes Division 1.

If he's got relatively good marks, but I am concerned at all about him being able to handle being a full time football player and student he goes to Mac.

great post.

Pro or amateur, he still faceoffs against the business of football politics.

hahah laughing hard these ncaa coaches drive up here and offer you a scholarship. bring u to their school for a paid visit. ultimately you will be there for 4-5 years and they cant just bring in more guys so they depend on you to produce. why would they go to the trouble if they hate canadians and their paycheck depends on your performance. your an ...... ha you almost got me.

Depends upon the person. Some people can handle and want the independence. Other don't/can't.

In other words, football wouldn't be the prime consideration.

completely agree but lets not assume that all american schools dont encourage their players to not take academics seriously. that would be like assuming canadian players dont take sports seriously