Would You Rather Have the Argo or Cats QB Situation?

You can like him all you want Crash, but the bottom line is that Bishop STINKS!!!

Bishop is awful. Adam Rita was quoted as saying he doesn't know how long it will take for Crouch to ever learn CFL defences he sees.

Personally, I like our situation...on May 16th.

Yes, I would RATHER the Argo Stable of QB's ...

I'm not sure what MANY in this thread have been watching lately, but I would BE SURPRISED if Bishop was NOT the starter come the kick off of the Regular Season. Had Pinball not OVERPLAYED his LOYALTY to DA then the Argos would have been in the Grey Cup last year with Bishop at the helm. Bishop has made it through his GROWING PAINS in this League and is READY to make the LEAP to FULL TIME Starter.

Compared to our PAPER Starter (Maas), he has a STRONGER Arm, and is more MOBILE. Also, I still QUESTION Maas' LEADERSHIP. Advantage: Argos.

Damon Allen, as much as I RESPECT and LIKE the man, is DONE as a Starter in this League. Which makes him, the MOST experienced, if not the best BACKUP in the League. There really is NO COMPARISON between he and Butler. Advantage: Argos.

Regarding Crouch and McMahon - both have the skills to play the position, it will be interesting to see which one sticks coming out of camp.

This one is less an advantage to the Double Blue cuz' I am a BELIEVER in Richie Williams' skillz ...

Regarding the Tiger Cats 4th QB - Timmy WHO ??


I would say that neither team has the most enviable quarterback situation going into this season. So saying that one team is better off at quarterback than other is not saying much, IMHO.

It is interesting to note the similarities between each team's quarterbacks. Both have career backups that have experience recent success in one or two games. We have Butler, the blue team has Bishop. And both team's have a potential future starting quarterback who may be at least a year away from starting. We have Williams, and they have Crouch.

It has been said that Allen has an advantage when it comes to experience. However, 22 years of CFL experience can be seen as a disadvantage, as he can't be very young after being in this league that long. :slight_smile:

But I have to agree with those who would say that which team has the better quarterbacks does not matter that much, considering the teams around these quarterbacks. If the Ticats are better off QB-wise, will their teammates on offense make them look better?

Still, it would have been interesting if this were a poll.

I don't know where this is coming from. Most games Ricky barely saw the ball. He was basically a blocking back the last half of the season, after he recovered from his broken arm.

And for those who are describing Bishop as in AFL limbo, there was a story this week in the Sun that he quit the Grand Rapids team so he could prepare for Argo camp. He's been working out with some teammates at York U.

Both teams situation is rather similar. Both teams have quarterbacks with experience, as well as younger quarterbacks with only either a year under their belt or none at all. I think McMahon will fit in pretty well. He's a very mobile quarterback, and has a lot of NFL experience. I think Chang has a skill set that will fit the CFL game as well. I think I would have to give the advantage to the Ticats as Maas is younger than Allen, Butler is smarter but not as physically gifted as Bishop, Eric Crouch has a slight advantage over Williams, and Chang and McMahon are unknowns so far.