Would You Rather Have the Argo or Cats QB Situation?

Bishop has quit his Arena league team to come back to TO. They have:
Allen (going on 44)
McMahon* (added by edit- thanks Drexl)

We have:

Would you trade straight up?
As much as I have questions about our staff- I wouldn't.

So many unknowns really. But all in all, you have to take the Argos assuming Allen has an Allen year with no major injury. He has proven himself time and time again season after season as a starter, Maas only a couple of seasons as a starter. And a shoulder operation in the off season, who knows how this will respond even if only minor surgery.

I'd have to agree with Mark. Allen can't bounce back forever. I'd rather have some question marks than a 44 year old starter who has been injured quite a bit over the past few years.

Not saying I would trade, I agree borehamgirl with your assessment for the next 5 years. But this coming year, I think Allen still has it if he is injury free, that's all, one last kick at the can.

I like Mcmahon, but that's about it.

And the Argos will probably do a lot better this year with Ricky off the team. Not that Ricky was a cancer or anyhting, but Pinball was obsessed with getting him his touches and they got away from the chuck and duck offence that won Allen his only MVP award.

I think if healthy Maas will a top 3 QB this year. With that I think the Argos are in some trouble at the QB spot. They do have Mike McMahon which could be interesthing but I dont think he has the arm or accuracy for this league.

Id take Michael Bishop any day. But Mightypope would take Marcus Brady lol.

To answer the question, I prefer the Cats' situatio at QB. Relying on fortysomething QBs becomes a dice roll after a short while.

With Bishop in AFL limbo, the Argos are left with Crouch (basically untested still at the CFL level) and McMahon.

It is ironic, but the 4-14 Cats of 2006 hold better QB cards coming into camp, I believe. Rocky Butler has ample CFL experience as a backup to challenge Jason Maas should he falter. I like what I have seen of Ritchie Williams and I believe that both he and Timmy Chang are wildcards in the QB mix.

If Jason can rebound from his horrible injury-plagued 2006 campaign and re-emerge as a CFL star under Charlie Taaffe, it may not be too dissimilar to the 1961 rebound of Bernie Faloney after his tough, injury-racked 1960 season.

The Cats have made strides on both sides of the ball with their recent Canadian depth signings, so there is plenty of yound talent to build around. A more focussed balanced attack, utilizing the talents of both Jesse Lumsden and Corey Holmes in the run game and the yet-to-be-tapped talents of one "I'm not Rocky DiPietro II...yet" ( :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) Chris Bauman in the passing attack will mean improvement for Ticat fans as the season progresses.

A more balanced approach will help the new receivers we have and give the passing side of the equation an easier time of it as well. To be fair to Marcel, his recent acquisitions compensate well for the Wayne Smith departure in particular in terms of potential (Gagne-Marcoux especially). If the O-line steps it up and gives Maas et al. a more stable protection scheme this year, I like our offensive potential a lot.

Who will step it up to emerge as Flick's heir in the deep game remains to be seen. This being said, I like the Cat puzzle more than the Argos heading into camp.

Eventually they stopped making the "Gumby" TV series. Whether Father Time will catch up with Damon Allen this year is intriguing to ponder because I get the distinct impression Damon IS Father Time. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Gotta love pre-training camp fodder here, eh? :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,

There’s no doubt in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:
Argos by a country mile. A lot more experience and depth.

I’d even give the Argos the edge on Ambassador’s. Leo Cahill can still out smart Angelo Mosca any day of the week. :lol:

Mosca would drop Cahill like a sack of potatos. :smiley:

I’ll give you the experience aspect IF Damon can remain healthy. If he’s out of the picture, you have NADA CFL experience given Bishop’s AFL limbo.

Depth? I’ll take Butler (a known CFL backup commodity) over the Crouch-McMahon-Arth mix.

Re outsmarting: Ang had this philosophy, see? If you knock people somewhat accidently with a knee to the helmet, or deliberately with a ringbell, ring steps, or a well-placed chair to the head, they don’t have the ability to outsmart you when knocked out cold. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Leo is tops in my books too – I miss the “Goodbye Leo” chants at IWS. All kidding aside, I hope he’s doing well back in Sarnia. I heard him a few months ago on a Football Fridays podcast – nice to hear from a guy who deserves his due as a guy who helped contribute a lot to our game.

Oski Wee Wee,

I like our situation, we have some good years at QB ahead of us.

Shall we?

QB - Allen vs Maas
GC - 2 (as a starter) vs 2 (as a backup)
06 injuries - 3 vs ??? lots
Allen was seemingly getting cocky last year
Maas was humbled last year by a terrible season, should come back with even more of a fire (if possible)
advantage: slightly towards allen based on CFL experience

Bishop vs Butler
each are career backups that were never able to take over a team despite numerous chances due to a starter's injury or etc.
Bishop has a stronger arm, Butler is slightly more of a "qb"
advantage: draw

Crouch vs Williams
Crouch has a Heisman under his belt
Williams has appfan cheering for him
Crouch has 'won' a game for the argos vs the riders due to junk coverage.
Williams has thrown well for the ticats every time he was called upon last year.
Both are QBs that can take off and pick up yards with their feet.
Crouch has a weak arm, Williams has a rocket
Advantage: Williams

McMahon vs Chang
who the hell knows???? Chang can throw as good as anyone, McMahon has played some NFL ball....
Advantage: draw (as neither one will likely see any playing time)

Arth vs Shaun King
Arth is signed, whereas King isn't.... could be problematic for the cats here... lol
no contest.

Overall Advantage:
The cats will probably keep on all four QBs...
The argos will probably start Allen until he evaporates (QB's do that when they hit 50 right?)
The cats have more potential, but you can only play one QB at a time... its about even with a slight edge to the argos i'd say...

Until we remember one small tidbit that has been left out....

The argos have Tony Miles and Arland Bruce lining up for them at receiver... we do not... Those guys tend to make QB's look a whole lot better.

I like Michael Bishop too,so thats the tough part for me.
I think Gumby is at the end of his CFL playing days and Jason is a solid question mark for me after a serious arm operation.
Can Rocky Butler play better than Bishop?Hope so!

Could I have our QB's and the Argo's wide receivers, now that I would like to have.

the argos have oldman Allen who will either return to his mvp '05 form or hes done.

after that they have Bishop, who has started CFL games with decent level of success and some ( altho little ) playoff exp.

then they have former hiesman trophy winner, Eric Crouch who learned abit about the CFL game last year.

then they have 2 former NFL QB's.

the ticats have:
a possibly injured Maas, Butler with a hand full of CFL starts, and some untested guys.

to be honest, the argos have a SLIGHT edge...

it all depends on whos healthy...Allen or Maas...hopefully both, so we can see the most competitive east we've seen in years.

Even though we do have better q.b's, they have far better receivers. Bruce, Palmer, Baker and Miles, etc are all better than our best receiver (whoever that is). Danny Mcmanus could have won the MVP 2 years ago with that group.

An excellent point about the Argo receivers making the difference. I'd agree with that. Of the starters, Allen may have one more year in him but essentially he's done. Bishop is too inconsistent to be a #1 but as Allen's back-up, he's fine. With the GC in TO this year, I think Allen will get it done one last time. Maas is the huge question mark--if he's right, he could be the Cats' QB for the next 4-5 years. However, in the long term I'd prefer the Cats QBs to the Argos. I think Chang will develop into a solid CFL QB. Toronto has Crouch but I think Chang has more upside and is better suited to the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney you're right; longterm the Cats' stable of QBs looks to have more promise than the Argos' current list.

In the immediate future by which I mean this year, much depends on Maas' health; whether or not Allen can bounce back at his age from a poor season last year, whether the Bishop we see this year is the good Bishop who played in the playoff games last year or the bad Bishop who was an interception machine in years previous, whether the new guys in Toronto can adapt to the CFL quickly or become reminders of Tim Rosenbach and Don McPherson, whether Rocky Butler can look as good as he did in beating Hamilton last year or look more like a third stringer as he's been for several years, whether Chang and Williams will be given time to develop....

I'm great at posing questions, aren't I? Not so good at providing cogent answers, however.

I wouldn't like the Argo,s anything, :thdn: