Would you put Pringle in the Game


As you may know, Mike Pringle signed a one game contract with the Als, so he can retire as an Alouettes. I'm argueing this with one of my collegue:

If Pringle is dress, my guess is that he will be he is on the 40 players list. IF the opportunities is there, a first down and one to go, remermber IF, i would send him on the field for a last TD.

My collegue argue that The Don would never do this, risk of injuries, fumble...

What about you ?

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This is a no go. He sign a one day contract to retire in Alouettes uniform. He wont count on the 40 mens roster, unless i am really mistaking. I think you collegue is right, the Don wouldnt risk sending an untrained Pringle into the melee. Plus if Pringle still wanted to play, wont he had try out somewhere ?

Interesting question!

I guess this all depends on whether or not Pringle is actually going to dress for the game. In theory, he could be on the inactive list for that one game and still retire as an Al.

It would be a very classy gesture to give him the ball to get that last TD.

However, he did not attend camp with the team, or any team for that matter, and would be taking the roster spot of someone who earned it for that one game if he is dressed as an active player.

Pringle had a great career as an Alouette and should be honoured for it. I don't think that potentially upsetting the team chemistry at the beginning of the season is the way to do it. If it were me, I wouldn't dress Pringle for the game

It would be nice for him to have one final carry, but that is all it would be...nice. For the reasons pointed out here, it shouldn't happen. It would be horrible to see him get badly injured just to have one final carry. I'm not saying he would be injured, but what if? That would be no way for him to end a great career.

Yeah, let the man play one last season, I wish the BB's had let Eric Carter play one last season with them.

Good for Montreal! this makes me want them to win the cup this year even more!!! :smiley:

Whatever. Seems pointless to sign him and then not give him the ball to get the record.

Whatever. Seems pointless to sign him and then not give him the ball to get the record.

Mike Pringle was a great running back, and I think he deserves to be acknowledged as such. Considering how the CFL has a tendancy to shot itself in the foot when given an opportunity to shine, this is a fantastic gesture and a great way for Pringle to go out. I also thought that Pringles decision to wear George Reed's #34 last year was a classy thing to do. But to put Pringle in to try for aTD to break the record he shares with Reed would be nothing short of gimmickery, and that would deminish Pringle, Reed and the CFL. The one thing Pringle isnt is a gimmick, and he should be remembered as the hard running, exciting team player that he was. By sharing a secondary record with Reed (the total yards record really is the one people think about) he bridges the gap between different eras of the CFL, the old timers and the new fans. And really, is having your name assoiciated with George Reed a bad thing?

I'm torn on this one. It would be nice to see him take a few more carries, but what about the poor guy who busted his butt through training camp....I don't know..... Personally, I thought he retired early.

What he should have done was go through training camp play his game then retire.... Then again back to the guy who gets cut...... I'm split.

I don't agree that Pringle should carry the ball one more time to break George Reed's record. I'm sure he is still in good shape and that he certainly can take a few hits, but if he had the desire to play another year and go through another training camp then he deserves the record. Likewise if he comes out of retirement for the 2005 season then that's different. To hand him the ball for one play doesn't sit right with me, but that's just an opinion. Pringle had plenty of chances to break the record in the last game of the season, then chose to retire. I honestly believe Mathews will not let it happen. You're either retired or not.

Great idea for a thread.

MIKE........ran for 2000 yards in one season in MONTREAL.......I remember that game on T.V. and thought that it was cool that they had that HUGE 2000 yards banner.MIKE, will alwas be from the ALS in my mind.

Mike is retired as much as i would like to see him play he is done....

Anyone else ?

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Here's the facts:

Pringle signed with the Als about four days ago. Right after he signed his contract, he filled in his retirement papers. So he won't be on any of these lists: active roster, practice roster, injury reserve nor suspended list. He is on the retired players list, just as Bruno Heppell is. So even if Don Matthews' fondest dream was to send Pringle on the field tonight, that wouldn't happen.

The guy will come on the field with a few of his former buddies (Tracy Ham is in town for him) and he'll get a moster standing ovation. Then, the Als will proceed to destroying the Ticats.

I was going to say give him the ball untill I read sakrider's post.
It would be cheap if they gave him the ball just do he could break the record.

But why else would you make him run the ball?

sighhhhhh! :lol:
First and goal from the 1 and he comes in scores a TD and leaves the game.

Thanks for the complement, i tought that he would have the right to be dressed. Anyway, it's interesting to see others comment.

I think you'll be at the game... Have a ball like I will !

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do ya think the TiCats are just gonna let him walk into the endzone, i dont think so, especially when every game is gonna count this year for sure....he'd have to work for it, and i dont think Pringle has been working out all summer.