Would you prefer the Western Final start at 1:30 or 3:30?

Would you prefer the Western Final start at 1:30 or 3:30?

1:30 allows fans to get home to watch the 5 p.m. hockey game that day but I don't know what the hell the big fuss is over one Canucks game if we win and are headed to the Grey Cup. There's all kinds of partying going on in the downtown bars/restaurants after a Western Final win in the dome; orange everywhere

I don't like 1:30. Just seems too early for Vancouver. And considering the Lions apparently don't play early afternoon games very well as in today's game, mabey the Lions are better suited to 3:30?

Recall the 2005 Western Final started at 3:30 and the Eastern Final actually finished before our game.

so what's your preference?

depends on east final time.

I want them back to back

i would prefer 1:30 pm(so it will not effect the canucks game) which i think it will start at from what i heard, it started at that time last year.

3:30 would be my choice, 1:30 is just too early. Besides, who cares about the Canucks. In my opinion hockey season doesn't start till after Nov 25.

What relevance does the hockey game have in this? Who cares about that? There are 80 games to an NHL season , how can just one of those games in itself have any importance compared to the west final? I prefer a 3:30 start myself. I think BC plays better later too.

I'd prefer back-to-back EDF and WDF games (better for the CFL and for those watching TV coast-to-coast).

True, it would be nice if there was no conflict with the canucks game. But, I for one would always choose the Lions over the cancuks, and that is especially true in a WDF.

The idea of spreading the games out so that fans can also watch the other game at home would be good

Have they ever allowed fans at the first game to stay and watch the other on the screen??

As for the Canaucks, screw them. You can bet they to not account for the leos when they make their schedule.

1:30 works better, then i can spend more of the evening celebrating before monday morning comes...

I think you’ll find TV will dictate the start times.

I would like 3:30 with the Canucks moving there game back to 7. The game is on Sportsnet so I don't see why they can't change the scedule

The people who had hockey tickets already will go see hockey. You refinance your house to buy thos tickets your going.That would be a class act out of the Canucks if they could do that but they wont.