Would you play Calvillo?

Okay. It's the last game of the season. It doesn't mean anything in the standings (although it is important to come in the playoffs with a strong regular season finish). Calvillo needs a bit above 400 yards to become the first ever quarterback with two consecutive 6000 yards seasons, and we're playing a team that usually allows a freakin lot of yards.

Would you play Calvillo?


I wouldn't even dress the guy (would also leave a spot for someone on the defense), I know it would be nice to have 2 seasons of 6000 yards, just like the 2 seasons with 4-1000 yards receiver, but I wouldn't take any chances...

Play White & Roberson....risk of injuries to AC before the Semi-Final would kill US...

Play our offense "B" team, we have nothing to prouve !

I know that AC is a competitor, and it would be hard for him to be on the sidelines, gotta think success for the team for the next couple of weeks.

Remember last season, the last game vs T.O., we killed them @ home, but they rested their guys for the Semi the week after, and they went all the way.

Like I said, don't dress AC ! Rest him !

I would definitely play A.C. for most of the game. In the fourth quarter, if we're blowing Hamilton out, then I put Ted White in.

Playoff momentum is really important and the last thing you want to do is put your QB in a situation where he goes cold before the playoffs. Calvillo's had a great season and we need to keep him in the groove so he can be effective against Sasketchewan in the semifinal.

I don't think we should take any unnecessary risk with Calvillo, though. So White goes in for any short-yardage third-down gambles. Also, Calvillo should not scramble -- we don't want to lose him to injury.

I don't really care about personal accomplishments, and I don't think Matthews and Calvillo do either. So what if he passes for 6,000 yards again? I think A.C. has proven to everyone that he is a top-calibre quarterback. I mean, everyone was wondering what we'd do after losing Copeland and Cavil to other teams, Anderson to the NFL, and Cahoon to injury for a stretch. Surprise! We have four 1000-yard receivers AGAIN, and three of them (Vaughn, Stala and Watkins) are doing it for the first time with Montreal.

Individual stats don't mean a thing if we don't win a Grey Cup.

let him play and test his long passes. with 8 long 50 yards passes, he makes 400 and retires to White. 8)

I'm sure he'll play but he shouldn't.. just like like year!

That's why I think the coach should be gone.

This game is the equivalent of a pre-season game. Meaningless and just about numbers.

Yeah 6000 is super, but why risk it when the games means nothing.

I say do the opposite!

Start White... and he's gonna suck ROYALLY.

Put in Roberson... who might do something.

and if we are getting killed, put him in to boost team moral. Bu tlet the rookies try and keep the momentum.

He will play but i would sit him. I'd sit Edwards too, and any of our O lineman with injuries, even small ones. Rest your best guys on offense...

Third and ten great question.

NO, I wouldn't play him obviously because he could get hurt. Stats are meaningless, look at Peyton Manning great stats sucks in the playoffs. Yeah, you love him to pass for over 6,000 yards, but we're here to win championships not to pad stats. Believe me you will forget by the end of the season who did what, you'll only remember how far you made it.

Another arguement that i think is stupid have him play, but don't take any unnecessary risks. It's football and once you play to not get hurt, BOOM, it happens you get taken out. Key example Cahoon earlier in the season. Happened to me three years ago, running up the score, my own center 330lb lineman tossed on to me(guard) on my calf torn ACL. Done for two seasons.

Plus there away games, who cares. Give the backups some playing time.

Ugly, not that I really think White is capable of anything good, but wouldn't it be a bit unfair to send at war a back-up QB who needs to gain confidence behind a struggling o-line and without a running game? OBVIOUSLY, White would suck. Maybe we should also send in blind and amputated receivers.

I'd play White to give him some more experience, and then put Calvillo in after he threws a few INT's like he's certain to do.