Would you pay Seat Licence to fix IWS or Build a Stadium

Ticats Fans.
Would you pay Seat Licence to Help with the Upgrade and Repair of Our Stadium or To Build a New One?

A personal seat license gives the holder the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in a stadium. This holder can sell the seat license to someone else if he no longer wishes to purchase season tickets. However, if the seat license holder chooses not to sell the seat licenses and does not renew the season tickets, the holder forfeits the license back to the team. Most seat licenses are valid for as long as the team plays in the current venue.

Seat licenses have been given various names- the most common term in North America is Personal Seat License and in Europe is Debenture. The primary reason sporting venues offer PSLs is that the proceeds are used to help pay the debt incurred during the construction of the stadium or arena. Also, many supporters feel that such licenses essentially give fans ownership of the seat. Opponents of PSLs see this as another way to extract money from the sports fans.

If the Ticats got $250.00 Per Seat x 30,000 =$75,00000 per season

I'd consider paying it but I'd have to know the amount. I'm all for user fees.

I'd prefer the old IWS, but I could live with a new stadium downtown or near the waterfront.

Me too on both counts

Hey, wanna get married?

A seat license?...

Seasons Ticket holders already have that year to year.....

You want to raise money from football fans to build new or renovate?.....LOTTERY!......this way the taxpayers can't complain and the football fans themselves fund it.....it works for everything else it seems....plus you have the chance at being filthy rich.....and that could be a fun condition to be in.... 8)

I've seen seat licensing fees of up to $80,000 for Leafs seats. It's ridiculous and just another way to gouge fans. Of course some fans are dumb enough to pay it.

No thanks.

An Argo-Cat fan

As I understand it, starting a lottery for raising money for a football stadium is not as easy as it sounds. You still have to get approval from various levels of government and there are still people that will oppose it, the bread not circuses type of people.

I hear ya.....but I believe it's certainly worth exploring..... :slight_smile:

I think the notion with lotteries/casinos has been an on-again off-again debate in Toronto over the last few decades.

I'm not an expert in this area but I believe the issue is that when you start a lottery/casino, there are too many special interest groups that want a piece of the pie. They view these things as just another tax, and you can't just allow one particular group to have a casino/lottery, without allowing everybody, which would never work either.

But, if they could somehow pull it off in Hamilton, that would be great.

i voted no because cant afford any extra have a hard enough time buying season tkts now with my income if i could afford it i would

Even if the Cats were able to have all the necessary approvals by the various governments to hold a lottery, there is a risk that they would not really make anything from it, maybe even lose money. Happened to a couple of those local hospital lotteries a few years ago. Probably not the best way to go...

I would but I think my boyfriend might have a problem with that. It's sweet of you to ask though. :wink:

Doing some quick calculations, if you could get 30 000 people to pay $5 000, you would have $150M, which should be almost enough to build a new stadium.

However, getting all those people to pay that much would be a daunting task to say the least.

If, however, you managed to get 30 000 people to pay $500.00, you would have $15M, which might go a long way in refurbishing IWS. But again, it may be a tough sell trying to get people to cough up even $500.

That's ok. So would my wife.

I'm not stupid enough to pay for the "right" to shop at costco or price club either.

Finally.....a person who thinks like me......isn't that a ridiculous concept?...pay for the right to spend money?.....lol..as if!

By the way, National Grocers on Nash Road is open to the public now......you can buy all the same stuff that the variety store owners buy.......at the same price!!.........you'll love it! (and there is no membership fees either......just walk in and shop)

I like this idea; if it's legal this is what the Ticats should do, if they have to.

Well gee I gave them almost 400 bucks this year for what , two wins ????????

And you think I should pony up more to pay for a stadium ?????

Would the stadium be perfect right away or would it be an extenable five year rebuilding plan. Then of course three years in to the rebuild plan we would fire all the contractors blow it up and start over again.

IWS is one of the last old time stadiums in pro sports . IF any structure in Hamilton should be declared a Historic site then it should be Empire Stadium!!! Refurbished :thup: With Parking !

Fantastic post. Maybe we could throw in a good side show too. Forbid certain language, and offer a contract incentive to the contractor that comes up with the best alternative language.