Would you make this MTL/WPG trade?

Kelly Malveaux (CB - Montreal)
in return for
Tom Canada (DE - Winnipeg)

heck yeah ! Send Canada to Mtl please :slight_smile:

As a Bomber fan .. i'm looking for the "Hell No!!" option.


Even as an Als fan, I'd have to think the Bombers were daft if they made that deal. They'll need all the defensive line talent they can get to put pressure on Dickenson, Burris, Ray, and whomever takes snaps for the Riders.

Yeah, but they'll also need some guys to cover downfield once Dickenson, Ray and Burris launch their long ones.

What would you call a decent counter-offer?

Depends on who you've got on the depth charge. Do you give up something on the front line for a cover guy? or visa versa?

.....I believe winnipeg's d-line has improved in the off season to the point where Mr. Canada could be expendable, in return for a leader in the backfield.......if the BB faithful are credible in their memories, their backfield wasn't performing too bad up until Rust left the team, then things kinda went to poop.......maybe the magic is still there just waiting to be re-animated, a Malveaux addition could do that......

......thrown in for fun, here's an interesting stat.....of the top five BB defensive tacklers last year, three were DBs, two were linebackers......

With that stat, wouldn’t it imply that the line seemed to let through more guys that it should’ve? Or was it that there was such a problem with the pass defense last year that teams weren’t bothering to run it anymore?

I’d probably think they’d want to keep the line intact, if nothing else hoping they sack the opposing QB before he can complete the pass.

Yeah, the Bombers would get the shaft on that one big time.

But we need a DE though :wink:

Maybe camp will be surprising.

Yeah... maybe... Didn't we hire a 6'6" monster this winter?... Some dude with a name like Jedi... Jay'Dae something?...

Would i make that trade? If I were Montreal, IN A HEARTBEAT!! If I were Winnipeg.......NOT A CHANCE!!

...you ain;t getting Canada for Malveaux.....no way I do that deal....but we could be dealing Fleming.......hey Fleming for Kari-2.....they make about the same dough....on second thought Richard might decide to retire...if he was going to be sent to WPG....NO POUTINE.... :roll:

Flemming to BC (Reunite with Wally) For Duncan O'Missy as you're punter!

Sorry, neighbours been smoking that BC Bud...wind is blowing on the sundeck! :wink:

‘’’'lol Sporty…don’t breathe too deep…Wally would love to have Fleming … he’s really high on him…and you guys need too dump o’shank…but apparently the Bombers are not interested in trading for the guy…they want Wally TO CUT HIM…and then maybe there would be interest…for punting only…Are the Lions thinking of fitting D.D. with a special body support this year…evertime I see him get decked…I think…well there goes another Lion season…maybe your starter could end up being Bucky… who has less experience than Glenn… :?

How about... if we throw in Cruchfield also... :wink:

the bombers are not looking to trade any of their dline men, all five are going to see a lot of action according to Marshall, but if one of the young guys makes a name for himself in tc you never know.........how about you throw Proulx into the mix as well third.........

Is safety an issue in the Peg? You guys already have four safeties, you spent a month pursuing one of ours and now you ask for the other. You know, you need players at the other 23 spots too...

.......Winnipeg's fixated on safeties now, remember a year ago when your Als offence had a guard, a tackle, a QB and eighteen running backs?.....

lol… yeah, I do remember. Funny thing is Popp got back to his running back-Frenzy…

Robert Edwards, Jonas Lewis, Eric Lapointe, Ian Smart, Avon Cobourne, Sultan McCoullough, George Layne, Jeff Piercy, Mike Vilimek, … but at least it’s only half of what we had last year.

J Sullivan*
I Logan*

Would you want to start the season with these three at FS.........all good Canadian boys but realistically neither Sullivan or Logan are gonna push Gallant for the starting spot.