Would you make any changes to the CFL?

This is going back a while but in the 60's? and 70's the CFL used to have best of three and at one time two game total point conference playoffs. I didn't realyy like the 2 game total point method, but let me tell you the best of 3 was THE Bomb! It was great, though I'm not sure they would consider bring it back. I have heard the arguement that it didnt make sense 'cus the Grey Cup is still a one game winner take all, but man it was exciting and the rivalries that came out of it are still happenning today.

Your thoughts or suggested changes?

I really hate the concept of the 2 games total points method because you can advance while losing the game, or be eliminated out of a victory. Bittersweet finale.

Best of three would be great for the fans because it would mean more football, but it would also stretch the season for players. I don't know if they could stand it and give a good show for they already been pummeled for 20 weeks. Plus, I kinda like that the Grey Cup winner has to be perfect in playoffs.

What I would change however, is the preseason. It makes it really boring to always see your team pitted twice against the same opponent year in and year out.

The greatest way to do it would make a tenth team necessary: You'd play one game against the opposite division team that finished at the same rank as you did the previous season (first vs. first, second vs. second, etc.) and play your four intra-division opponents in alternance over four year.

In the meantime, they could just make you meet your 8 opponents in alternance over four years.

I agree a best of three could leave the teams exhausted and they might not have nothing left for ‘the big game.’ Never liked total point…As a change, I would like to see the season open-up alot sooner. Don’t know why the regular season couldn’t start at the beginning of June as opposed to the end. Have the exhibition games start mid-May. As a benefit , it could eliminate some nasty Nov. weather for the playoffs ,especially on the prairies, or would that be toying with the essence of our game…dunnnno :?

Very broad question. As far as the on field product goes, NO, except maybe a little more latitude on no yards penalties. I hate it when a guy busts his ass getting down field to cover and then gets flagged. As long as the returner isnt interfered with when catching the ball they should just let it go. Off the field, YES, especially the television broadcasts, god they havnt changed in 20 years, come on you guys at the networks get with it, We need better pre and post game shows and better broadcasts from everything to camera angles, replays and announcers, get some guys who actually now what the hell their talking about. I guess I just want to see the CFL covered as extensively as the NFL.

no...dont change the CFL, its tradition and its unique, if we change, were goin to the US.

Yeah, the CFL TV coverage isn’t as polished as the NFL but TSN has done an outstanding job over the last 5 or 6 years. They have come leaps and bounds from where they began. Chris Schultz nows his stuff better than anyone else out there and delivers it like a true TV man. I’d like to see a 10th team, ASAP. It would balance the schedule, balance the divisions and introduce more fans to the game.

best-of games dont work with football

Looking back at the old standings I thought the best of three idea rocked! That's an idea I would welcome back with open arms. To keep the Grey Cup from being played in December they would have to chip the regular season back to about 14 or 15 games to make it it though. Of course that would never happen I don't think the league could exist playing 14 games teams need to make as much money as possible without a great TV deal every game counts.

the only thing i don't like about Canadian football and would like to see changed is the yard that is given up on the line of scrimmage

I find that it makes a 3 and 1 basically a gimme

i wouldve goten rid of the riders

I would get rid of the single point rule or at least change it up a bit. I can't stand it when the ball is kicked misses a field goal and the team is awarded because the ball is left and downed in the end zone. Sorry that rule sucks to me the wide field, the football, 3 downs etc... makes the game unique. Get rid of that one rule and I think the game is perfect, but I don't like many rule changes in the NHL so I'd just have to deal with it.

The reason the single point on missed field goals is great is it encourages returns. And missed field goal returns are one of the most exciting plays in the CFL.

As far as changing anything else, I agree with other people that the season should start earlier and end earlier.

ALso a salary cap system should be defined and policed.

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When the 10th CFL team arrives in Halifax soon ( 2007 has been proposed) playoff formats should be reviewed…![/b]

I also believe it would be quite nice to have the season officially start in June. The more the CFL the better, all though I am sure my wife might disagree on that.

The season should not start any earlier. The teams make less money on the games that happen in the summer, because every one is going to the lake, or wherever instead of going to games. The attendance a the start of the year at Taylor Field is probab;y at least 2-3 thousand less than it is at the end.
And thechamp changing the 1 yd buffer between o and d lines, would completely change the whole game, and for the worse.

I would like to see the refs call fewer penalties on kick/punt returns. Too often a nice return is called back for an inconsequential/hardly noticable foul.

That rule (the "no yard" one) exists to force players to return the ball (which isn't the case in the NFL, where their "Fair catch" rule brings the play to an end) without compromising the players' safety.

I believe that rule became even more relevant yesterday, when a player died following a bad tackle in the AFL. (see related post)

Leave the 1 yard off the ball alone! I agree with Billy Soup. The 1 yard makes a difference in blocking schemes.

How about adopting the amateur rule for kicks into the endzone. I saw this at an Okanagan Sun game a few times. If a kick goes into then endzone, the receiving team is guaranteed the 20 yard line (Barring fouls) So instead of kneeling down, the players tend to run the ball out. If they get to the 5 yard line, the ball is moved to the 20. If they gain 40 yards, well then they of course keep that. This rule change from a few years ago has almost eliminated the single point in Junior football. It also makes the kicking team hustle down to cover so they can EARN their single point for a miss.

I like Sportsmen's suggestion. It would promote more risk taking and you would probably see less single points as a result. I still say lengthen the season. A 20 game schedule would be just fine by me.

are you crazy…4 point field goal, thats retarded…and the west logo stays whatever it is.

keep it traditional, dont give in to economic bull