would you like to see the riders have a owner

should the riders be sold and would someone buy them?

The only way I would want the Riders to be sold, would be if I became the owner... And, unless I get seriously paid in the next little while, thats not happening.

if someone like asper stepped up and offered a new stadium in exchange for ownership.

if not, then no

I vote for Gainer the Gopher as Owner! :rockin: :rockin:

Number 2....The guy with the flame on his head! :wink: :wink:

I think the SMS will help the Riders financially. The reason they didnt post a huge profit was because of $1.1 mill spent on players last year. A cap means they have to chop off 850,000 of that total. As long as they have someone doing a good job of counting the beans, the status quo is just fine with me.

And they had to pay Roy off and start paying Tillman as well

Let me think about this.....NO!!!!!!!!

Funny that the bean counters got some time from Sambo, because they also had to pay out the accountant they fired mid season.
Add another $150,000+ to the total......

I think that having a owner would not really change anything for the Riders. There is not much that can be changed. I also like the stadium where it is too.

I dont even have to think about this. I dont like the idear

Of course it would. Its reputation of Canada's team would be different, as it would be someone's actual team. What about all the shareholders? They would feel like they got kicked in the jewels. And what if the owner was like Ottawa's owners? Not a pretty sight....

ok seem like people dont like the idea that's fine,but no one has really said why it's a dad idea. Lets face it we all love the riders but it has not been the winingest team in the league. Just maybe with someone owning the team there may have been a higher standard to reach. i am a younger fan but can anyone tell me the last time the riders dominated. By the way i think onlyb rider fans call it canadas team

how old are you?

First, as a Rider fan, I never refer to them as "Canada's team", but I think the Riders are seen that way by a great many people who are not Rider fans.

And the answer to the question, "when was the last time we dominated", that would be from 1963-1976, making the play-offs every year, and the West final every year from 1965-1976.

Now to the nub.
Let's start by pointing out that the Eskimos, who I am certain you recall them winning, are also a community owned team. As are the Bombers who have 10 Grey Cups on their resume as well.
So being community owned per se does not seem to really be a factor in winning or losing.
There may have been times when a few private dollars might have been nice, as the Riders have always struggled to compete financially, and debt has been a major contributor to our lack of competiveness in recent years, particularly the 90s.

However, I think we can take as fact that the reason the Riders even exist is because of their being community owned.
If the league were forming today, it is highly unlikely that Saskatchewan would even be considered for a franchise (don't be fooled by some of the crazy let's expand to Saskatoon threads).
We have lots of wealthy individuals in Saskatchewan, but not that many who could afford to bleed red ink for decades keeping a football team afloat.
And the only reason the Riders have survived financially has been the overwhelming contribution of the citizens of Saskatchewan, the fans, who bleed green and buy lottery tickets and shares, and souveniers and tickets in droves.
It is part of our culture, the very fabric of what makes Saskatchewan unique.
It is because it is "our team" that we survive.
You need to ask why, or how, can we draw, on a per capita rate, far more than any other team in the league? Some might try to tell you its because there is nothing else to do. While that may in some sense be partially true, it certainly is not the real story.
If you add up the fans who attend every pro sport in TO it is still a fraction of the population compared to our attendance.
And it is because it is "our team", not Canada's team.
The second after the Riders became a privately owned team, that spirit, that sense of ownership that is what keeps the team alive would begin to evaporate.
Nobody is going to volunteer to sell lottery tickets for a privately held team.
Nobody will contribute in a telethon, or buy more shares.
The fabric which the Riders are constructed from will begin to unravel and the new owners will find themselves losing money year after year.
The fans will still come out--if we are winning--but just based off of ticket sales, the Riders have likely lost money every single year in their history, with the exception of the two Grey Cup years (hosting, not winning).
Private ownership won't make us more competitive, but it might very well spell our doom.

'Nuff said.

I agree with Arius, if we went to private ownership , we could end up like Ottawa, and get poor ownership , such as the Gliebs. I for one, would not want that, and Im sure many other fans wouldnt want that either. I would still support the team, but community ownership is an essential for the Riders.

You actually read the whole thing he wrote? Damn. I never do that haha

I was bored, jman , so I actually read the whole thing... :lol:

hey you have some good points that i like i am sure there are pros and cons. I don't do the riders books and i may be dumb but i dont believe there a team that would lose money if ran right and a few home playoff games would help kinda like Edmonton. I would say it would have to be a local group with the passion that only a rider fan has kinda like Bob young in hamilton. I also have never supported the shares thing just cant get behind it. Anyway sounds like it would fly with you guys so thats that thx.

Riders aren't my teams, but Community ownership is a good thing.

Aspers plan is a Joke.
He is not putting enough money in to gain 100% ownership.

the MTS center in Winnipeg was built 2/3 Private money
why Does Asper get the team with 1/3 Private Money?
He Also gets to build Retail/Offices in one of the most Desirable places in Winnipeg.

Don't see why that is such a good deal.

Maybe if fronted 80M of the 120M stadium and got 55% ownership. That sounds fair.

Why is Private Ownership bad?
Private Owners can walk away and Kill teams
Private Owners can move teams
private Owners take the profits and sink them into their pockets.

Everybody has missed one great Publicly owned team.

The Packers, Bombers, Eskimos and Riders.

Prairie pride people, gotta keep the teams communittee owned.

People like to say.. well the CFL teams have good owners now, but did they say.. 7 years ago?
No, only Montreal and BC had good private owners 7 years ago.
Calgary had feterick or some other crazy amerc.
TO/Hamilton had their soon to go bankrupt owners.
and Edmonton/Sask/Peg had their Dependable/Solid Community owned Franchises.

Also Aspers plan currently only calls for him to give 37M because he inherits a team with a 3M bank account.

so 37M to build a stadium + buy a team.
CFL Expansion teams are valued at what... 10M?
so a Proven CFL team should be atleast 15M, one with no Finacial Issues.
so 18M with the bank account, that's a stadium for 22M and Team for 18M... good deal.

Also Priders, don't forget in 2008 Team Revenues from the CFL go up 750K or 556K(if Ottawa returns) from the new TSN deal.
So that is a big net difference, if you obey the cap + Don't fire people/hire replacements + new TSN deal

your looking at a 1.5M difference for Greens Bottom line?