would you like to see the cfl with a running style offense

with the cfl having all these very good running backs do you think if some of these team commit to a run style offence do you think offenses will go to the next level?????????


Don't Rock The Boat.

Fans who prefer more runs have the options of watching the run-oriented NFL and NCAA. Unlike American teams, CFL teams must pass because they have only 2-3 chances to attain a first down. On the average, a pass outgains a run.

....how would leaning to a run style offense be 'going it to the next level'?....it would seem retro to go to just a run O.....besides, with three down ball I can't see how an offense could survive without the pass.....

Besides, the Riders have had (besides this season so much) an offence that was highly predicated on a running attack..... that's done well for them hey? Unless you did something wacky like having no receivers, two tight ends and 4 running backs, the defence would put all their guys "in the box", and stop you. That would be quite "retro" to quote R&W....

I do like the idea, as a different look to give a defence, but it would probably only work if you have a decent passing attack to mix in.

next level, not. The passing game was the next level. Have you not seen the black and white pictures from the early years, it was all running. A down field pass was 5 yards.