Would you like to see the CFL adopt soccer style jersey plan

For those that don't know, soccer teams always wear the same jersey, unless the other team's is the same colour. In which case the away team wears their 2nd jersey.

Would you like to see the cfl go that way?

I would, less seeing boring all look similar white jerseys :thup:

If this happened, we might see something this

BC-Always wear orange
Calgary-Always wear red, unless in Montreal, then wear white
Edmonton-Always wear green, unless in Saskatchewan then wear yellow
Saskatchewan-Always wear green, unless in Edmonton then wear white
Winnipeg-Always wear blue, unless in Toronto then wear gold
Toronto-Always wear blue, unless in Winnipeg then wear white
Hamilton-Always wear black, unless in Ottawa then wear yellow
Ottawa-Always wear black, unless in Hamilton then wear red
Montreal-Always wear red, unless in Calgary then wear blue

Is there any need these days for Home and Away jerseys? In the days of black and white television it was important that one team wore a white jersey. These days with colour and HD it wouldn't matter if say the Argos were in their Blue jerseys and Ticats in their Black shirts. Even if the Esks wore their green jerseys and the Riders in their dark green, we can plainly see the difference.

In soccer circles one team's primary colour must be dark and one light. If you have played the game for even pick-up, you know how important this is for your peripheral vision or then one team has to go skins or wear some pullover uniform.

Also no parts of the uniform, including socks, can match the other team's uniform colours. This makes for some interesting combinations sometimes for the away team when the teams' colours are similar. I recall one time Team USA even having to wear green socks when red, white or blue did not work.

For sake of gridiron football, I see no issues with both teams wearing home colours so long as both teams and the officials agree that the colours are not too similar.

For example, even one team in black jerseys and one team in dark blue jerseys won't work. Enough contrast is especially important for a QB passing way downfield.

The agreement for ALL GAMES should be established by the deadline before the first game the two teams play in order to avoid misunderstanding later including for any playoff match-ups.

If the teams and officials cannot agree, then it defaults to the home team's choice and the other team must wear dark or light.

MMmm...no. CFL Football isn't soccer. Leave it the way it is.


Teams use contrasting colours (one in a colour and one in white) because of TV. Back in the B&W days, it was the only way to distinguish one team from another. Now that we have vibrant HD TVs, it might be time to do away with the contrasting colours. We've already seen a move away from the "colour for home, white for away" combo with the Bombers. I don't know if I'd go with just one jersey (and I doubt the teams would go for it either; they'd be cutting off a revenue stream), but I don't think we need to have designated home and away jerseys.

I see no point in doing this.

I just wish they would stop changing their uniforms every year or two.

This year was the first new jerseys since 2005. Saying they change them every year or two is more than a tad hyperbolic.

Can anyone tell me what would be the point of this? Seems like change for the sake of change.
Bad idea. Leave it the way it is.
Kit clashing in football would look goofy.

I like the idea of two helmets for home and away like Sask, Edm and Cgy, but I like many do like colours for a home jersey and whites for away as well.

I don't understand the home and away jersey thing either. I like the Lions' home [orange] jersey but not the white [away] I like the SSK home jerseys but not the away.

The last Touchdown Atlantic that was played between Calgary and Hamilton, both teams wore colour jerseys, no white road jerserys, and it looked fine, very easy to tell who was who. I don't mind the idea, I think it would work fine, but I doubt the teams would go for it as it takes away possible revenue (though I'm not sure how many people actually buy away jerseys). I think they should do away with chaning the helmet colour for home and way as that looks stupid.

I would estimate about half of the Argos jerseys that sold this year were the white ones, based on what I saw around the Rogers Centre all season.

I don't support the idea of both teams wearing their primary colours, but I would be totally in favour of home teams wearing white and visiting teams wearing colours, like hockey used to do.

I'm completely against the idea of two different helmets, and loathe the Stamps wearing a black helmet ever, but especially with a predominantly white uniform.

I like the idea of soccer jerseys instead of the traditional football look. Having a corporate logo on the front wouldn't be a problem, the number is still on the back.

[url=http://www.todofut.com/categories-barclays-premier-league-manchester-united-jerseys.html]http://www.todofut.com/categories-barcl ... rseys.html[/url]

Not the point of the thread and those would be hideous anyway.

In the WHL ( I don't know if they do this in OHL or the QMJHL), usually the home team wears the dark unis for the 1st half of the season, the road team wears white... then after the Christmas break, the home team will wear white(unless they are wearing a 3rd Jersey), and the road team will use the dark colours... might be a nice switch for fans to see a different look for the LDCs... as in the case of the Riders, they wear the white unis(including helmets)...

No, the title of the thread states “Would you like to see the CFL adopt SOCCER style jersey plan”
Take the numbers off the front and allow corporate logos, just like “soccer style jerseys” a great money maker for the CFL.

If you read the text of the post, the OP is referring to the colours, nothing about corporate logos and $$$

Its fine the way it is but if teams like in the CIS have multiple color schemes if one team wore a dark color the other could where a light color if they chose to instead of white. It is really a non issue

Exactly Stamps and no one had any issue with both teams wearing dark colours for the last Touchdown Atlantic nor would any honest CFL fan have such an issue for the next one...

Why such an arrangement would be such a big deal to some folks for the regular season, considering of course that both teams plus the officials would agree, is baffling.