Would you like to be the fly on the wall in Obie's office ?

As the heading says there will be some interesting interaction tomorrow morning at 1 Jarvis St. I would only hope Mitchell - Obie and Taaffe get thier proverbial shiza together and get this thing figured out.

I am not sure what Ron Foxcroft brings to the table considering he was sitting beside Obie - Ms Obie and Mitchell. Not sure what was so funny considering we were getting crushed. I see no sence of urgency or at the very least some inkling they are prepared to step it up and make some sort of adjustments.

What are they waiting for the entire fan base to say bye bye. In any event there could be a free whistle give away some time down the road. .

I would expect only to hear crickets chirping and the sound of tumbleweeds blowing.

Great posts!

We certainly need the humour! Hey, what's this? The spell-checker's an import too ("humor"...ugh).

Probably snoring

ya i think they were discussing the sweet pealess whistle giveaway-great timing cuz by then the fans ought to be blowing the whistle on chuck instead of having the previously scheduled hard liquor and handgun night.

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