Would you ever turncoat on your CFL team?

I'm banned from Argo Fans but can still read it. Argo Ania had just posted that after winning two Grey Cup trips through The Argonauts as best fan, having a personalized Argo plates, seasons for years..blah..blah..blah she's bailing to the dark side. The organization hasn't done enough for her this lately. Holy shat, I had seasons for 20 straight years leading to our move in 02 to Vancouver Island for 11 years. We had seasons in 14 and 15 when we moved back but not this year. I've met many amazing players at functions and after games, road trips etc etc. I would never turn coat. Every team goes through highs and lows. If every Argo fan bailed before their 83 Grey Cup championship the team would have died back then. They had decades of winning squat before 83.

I do believe that the new ownership over estimated BMO and thought that all was needed was a move from the dome. Hopefully good businessmen learn and adjust and come back with a better plan. No one wants to fail.

I read that post, pretty ridiculous. Unless she's planning on spending top dollar on Ticat tickets, she shouldn't expect any perks. I sit in the cheap seats, and I get no benefits with my season tickets. They're cheap enough that I don't really expect anything other than a ticket to the game, but I feel like she's going to be disappointed.

Nope!!! I renewed my seasons tickets for the 13th year! Hey, where's Bungle?

She actually saw the LIGHT!


I've been asked if I've been a Ticat fan my whole life, and I always answer, "Not yet. But I plan to be." I'm thinking staying a Ticat fan for the almost 60 years I've been alive while living in Ottawa or Calgary that whole time pretty much tells me I ain't switchin'.

first off that argo post was joking. she aint quiting on the team but she is suggesting she is upset. that is fine. however i wouldn't turn my back on my team but i wouldn't put any sports team that high up on the list that will dictate my life. like politics or hobbies.

She's not joking, and she is becoming a Ti Cat fan.

From the Argosfan thread:

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[u]I guess can't ask where you're jumping ship to (black and gold perhaps?) or just off the ship completely.

It's really bad that it's come to this and hopefully if you are still a 'free agent' that it's not too late and hopefully the organization is reading these posts and taking them seriously.

Though they deserve the backlash, they'll be spending too much time on retention as opposed to building the fanbase up again.

I'd be curious to see how soon Mr. Copeland and/or Orridge reply. Hopefully they will. Please share [/u]

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I will definitely share what I can. And yes....i moved over to the dark side. The black and gold.

I doubt I would ever go turncoat to another CFL team.

If the Argos ****ed me off so much that I don't renew, I would more likely to with another option in this market. Jays 12 game pack or maybe a 18 ticket pack for the Gens....maybe the GTA CPL team if ever launched and depends where they play. We have options here :slight_smile:

Her husband is a Cats fan and she lives closer to Hamilton.

I cheer for my wife’s Stamps unless they are playing against my first love, The Toronto Argonauts. haha.

She actually lives in Mississauga, which isn't closer to Hamilton than Toronto.

Yes i would ....but it wouldn't be because of how they play or that i didn't get a bonus with my tickets.

It would take more than that

Who cares about what some fan thinks on a forum you've been banned from and which isn't, uh, actually this one?


Go Riders!

[b]Not me either!!

Go Riders!![/b]

Never. Ticats, Blackhawks for ever.

She lives in Pushlinch which is near Guelph. That's what it said under her name on Argo Fans.


I'm obviously getting her confused with someone else.

Oh hell I think it must be Argo Sister who lives in Pushlinch with the Ticat fan hubby.

Anyhow I think it's BS that you bail on your team when things get down. They've sent her to two Grey Cups. Then you're going to bail. No respect for her at all.

If anyone should be spent to two Grey Cups it's Lori Bursey. She's the biggest fan ever. She'd never bail on her team.

She used to go by Argo Ania but now her name is Cats Anus. I hate people who feel that the world owes them something. I say F U Anus!