Would you do this?


I might have been inclined to do something along this line. Not nearly as far though. A ten year old girl, maybe 2 or 3 miles at most. Glad we never had to deal with this side of bullying.

Should have taught her to walk on the proper side of the road facing traffic too !

I'd not only do this but I would also make her wake up at 5 o'clock , feed the chickens , milk the cows , come in and make me breakfast and then walk all the way to school uphill in a driving snowstorm against the wind . 8)


…I would’ve done that as a parent of a 10-yr old, but I would’ve parked the truck and walked with her, not miss time to find out what’s behind the bullying in the first place…

…besides, maybe takes a little over an hour to walk 8kms, it’s not that long…if you can’t walk 8km without dying and you don’t have a medical note explaining why then you got some training to do…

In many cases bullying is a handed down characteristic. From whom did she learn to bully? I suspect her dad. He is not the person to be rehabilitating her. That’s obvious from what he thinks is a proper corrective measure.

He didn’t make her walk all 5 miles at once…
It was broken up into 3 days a part of it each day.

Let parents be parents

genderism in that statement?? :slight_smile:

if I had learned such a thing, it would have been from my mother

I dislike the trendy mis-use of the word "gender".

I know I'm tilting at windmills, but anyway. . .

Gender is NOT a synonym for sex. If you are referring to a person as being male or female, you are referring to their sex. Gender, on the other hand, does not mean male or female, it is a grammatical term meaning masculine or feminine.

So a phrase like 'gender neutral language' is a correct use of the word 'gender.' But gender equality, gender parity, and so on, are incorrect.

Now I concede that the English language is dynamic and not static. Words do change meaning over time; "awful" used to mean 'full of awe'; now it means 'bad'; "goodbye" was originally slang; in the dark ages the proper phrase when leaving someone's company was "god be with ye"; goodbye is a contraction of that.

But if we are going to change the meaning of the word 'gender' to make it a synonym for sex, why is it not being done consistently? I have yet to hear of anyone charged with gender assault; I never, in my younger days, took some nice young lady out for dinner and then suggested she come back to my place and have gender with me . . .

I actually meant to say sexism, but I got mixed up

give it time, but be careful it doesn’t become harassment.

OTOH - if someone asked my daughter to have gender with them, I would probably harass them :slight_smile:

In my own stumbling way, I managed to teach my daughter a few things. Bullying is not one of them.

We taught our children to be Honest and Caring, to stick up for those being bullied, etc. For the most part it went well although one of our kids had a temporary difficulty with honesty. The other one is almost, but not quite, anal about it.

My kids went to school way too far away for them to ever walk at any age. Glad it was never a potential issue.