Would you bring Marshall back?

Would you bring Greg Marshall back next season if things changed?

If Lancaster is able to get these guys to play winning football and the team starts to experience some success could Greg Marshall be re-hired.
Or, on the other side of the coin; if the team still doesn't win, was it Marshall's fault?
I believe that it is chemistry that the team lacks. They have the talent to do it they just can't seem to put it together.

Once the team knows how to win you can step back in and takeover
If they still don't win then you know players and assistant coaches have to go.

Lancaster says he only wants the job until the end of the season. If Greg Marshall sits and looks in from the outside for a while he may be able to determine a better approach to winning.

He still has another year left on his contract. Could Bob Young give him a second chance?

The Argos have had Leo Cahill 3 or 4 times as well as O'Billiovich a couple times.
This is Lancaster's second time around. I'm there are some other coaches that have been with the same team more than once.

I think the chances are pretty remote something like this happening but one never knows.

You also have to wonder, would Greg Marshall come back if he was offered?
It's not like he was run out of town, he just had a real bad string of games and he was the fall guy.
Greg Marshall is still a popular person in Hamilton and probably would be accepted back by the fans.

I think there was a little bit to blame on both sides. The players needed to have a better mind-set and Marshall needed to inspire his players more to want to excel.

Greg Marshall will be a much better coach the next time around; should he be on our side?

No We Looked Real bad if we did that..
I would Bring Him back as Ast Coach but head man no

Honestly, I would have turfed Paopao & demoted Marshall to OC.

Who cares how it looks? It only matters if it works? :roll:


Tell us how you really feel :wink:

The KISS move was made .

Anyone going down to practice to scout our new kicker prospect?

worked for BC that one year....

Does that move have anything to do with Gene Simmons' tongue?

BRING HIM BACK??? He never should have been hired, let alone he should have been fired LAST YEAR!!! He won't be missed at all.

he was a failed expirament and if we learned anything the last couple of years the answer is NO! but he s a great guy and yadda yadda yadda but once again NO!

...for goodness sakes BDR6, he was fired......FIRED.....how badly does a team have to be before a canned head coach is asked back?!....how dumb would senior mgmt be if the team started doing well and then asked the canned head coach back?!.....give your head a shake son, the next time you see Greg Marshall in a CFL stadium, if ever, he certainly won't be wearing a black and yellow golf shirt....

worked for the leafs and punch imlach....

And the last success they will ever have, Espo... lol

I was thinking more about when Ballard rehired Roger Nielson and wanted him to wear a paper bag on his head until just before game time as a "surprise" for the fans. lol.

I think GM was the ultimate "fall guy" this year. I'm no judge of coaching talent, however he was very successful at Mac. Not sure if that translates to the Pros too well though. If done the right way rehiring GM could work...

any chance of getting the soup nazi as head coach

or even better Zanadine Zadane. If the player doesn't listen, he head butts them in the chest.

I would bring him back next year as the O.C. and turf Pao Pao :cowboy:

Marshall would make an excellent OC.
I really think he needs to spend some time with a successful head coach to mentor him. Marshall has a lot of potential. He just needs some grooming for a few years. :cowboy:

the only marshal id bring back is Greg Marshal of winnepeg! hes a solid candidate for a head coach position here in hamilton

lets snatch him up before Saskatchewan or (god forbid a team resurface again) Ottawa does...

Saskatchewan has Condell and Cortez to fight over that job tho... so we may not have that much competition....