Would you bring back Kevin Glenn in 2013?

Would you bring back Kevin Glenn next year? Or would you rather see Drew Tate be the guy and have 3rd stringer Bo-Levi Mitchell step up to the #2 spot? If your opinion is different then what you think Calgary would do, what do you think the team will do?

Lets here your thoughts.

I always like Glenn, would like to see him in a ALS uniform if AC retires.

I would like to see him back, but I think if he does win the GC this year, he may;
a) retire
b) move to another team to be their starter

Glenn has proven he is a class act this year, a true professional and team player. He deserves a lot of respect around the league in my opinion

Kevin Glenn is not retiring.

Glenn does deserve alot of respect :thup:

…whether he guides the stamps to a GC win or not he is not retiring…if the stamps are victorious, the first thing I would hope Hufnagel would do when he sits down with KG is to ask ‘what would you like to do?’

…hopefully, selfishly, KG’s answer is to play insurance behind Tate, but realistically he will want to start, and a GC win will back that up…

…Winnipeg or Edmonton?

Well, Red, I don't know if he'd do it or not, but were I to be Hufnagel, I'd think about doing this. Assuming a Calgary victory on Sunday, then I make Glenn the starter at starter's pay, groom Mitchell to take over from him in a couple of years, and then trade Tate to Winnipeg, thus giving Winnipeg both Buck Pierce and Buck Pierce Light.


Edmonton would be an option if Kerry Joseph retires. But Joseph wants to return in 2013, so its all up to the coaching/management staff. Honestly imo, i think Edmonton would rather have Nichols/Reilly or McPherson then Kevin Glenn. Although Glenn has the most experience. Winnipeg bringing back Kevin Glenn... hmm. Alot of Bomber fans ive talked to hate the idea. So im not sure thats an option for Mack. He cant make anymore mistakes or its his head. I think Mack is in the same boat as Edmonton. Reilly or McPherson.

Back to Kevin Glenn. He would be smart to sign with Montreal if AC retires. Or if McPherson leaves. Back up AC in 2013 and take over in 2014 for a few years before retiring. Calgary imo is not a real option because Glenn battled all year for Calgary and they sat him down when the 1st oppertunity came. Glenn could end up anywhere. Thats the CFL. lol.

Calgary fans would go crazy. Honestly, Tate is their guy. To trade a young guy to go with Glenn would send the wrong message. They traded the old to go with the new (Burris moved for Tate). Id rather have Burris then Glenn. So trading Burris, then Tate. Hmm… thats honestly worse then Edmonton’s situation. When Hufnagel benched Glenn for Tate the writing was on the wall for Glenn next year. He will move on.

Id like to see Milt Stegal apologize to Kevin Glenn LIVE on TSN for throwing Kevin under the bus ever since Stegal joined TSN. “Kevin is not a leader”, “I never really had a good QB to play with”, ETC ETC. But now, Stegal kisses *** like Glenn’s his best friend. Thats media ppl for you. Stegal, i have NO RESPECT for you. You are in the SAME boat as Nik Lewis.

Hey Milt, your “Obama” undershirt was brutal. Its got nothing to do with Canada. And i laughed at you. So did America! Your an idiot! Nothing against Obama, i understand Milt was happy for a President to be the same color as him… But thats racist! Try and show some RESPECT Milt! Like Kamau Peterson did when he took that huge hit and popped up to flash the camera a #83 in memory of Jason Tucker. Who’s career just ended! Thats class. That deserves RESPECT!

He was at it again last night questioning Glenn's ability to lead Calgary ... I couldn't believe it ... I think he is the main reason they are so motivated! I think the team is rallying around him! I think the team wants to get Glenn his Ring! I think they will continue to find ways to win and I think they will do it with and for Kevin Glenn!

I also think that Milt Stegal will still say stupid things about Kevin Glenn, even as he is eating shoe leather! :roll:

The man has been a consumate professional and the epitomy of what a team player should be this year (and during his time here in the CFL)! He is probably the classiest player in the league and deserves the respect of fans from all around the league!

Steps off soap box


Glenn did his job in Calgary this year as a top back up. He will be a pretty hot commodity for teams who may be losing their back ups to free agency and have no one with no CFL game experience at all.
Mitchell will move to number 2 and Sinopoli will finally get a chnace to reall be a 3rd QB it will be his 3rd season so unlike his rookie season he will be given the chance to see pre season time as the for sure number 3 playing a good cunk of time and get involved as a holder and have the ability to show what he can do as a #2 if Mithell should have to fill in for an injured tate at times during the season. If Sinnopoli shows he can do it with expansion coming and some older qbs moving to life after football he will give given a fair chance to see if he can be a #2 after 2013 season if not he will face away like many 3rd strig qbs that could not get over that hump to at least be a good back up regardless of being an import of non import but just a QB.
3 QBs that know the system now will make for a much easier TC for the Stamps as far as QBs are concerned without hving to teach the system or the Candian game to a new QB. A confort zone of sorts with the 3 QBs they have

Keven Glen had a fantastic season, why wouldn't someone bring him in.

Yes he didn't have a great game when he finally made it the big one. But here's how I see it.

How many years in the league and this was his first trip to the GC with all limbs intact, so he was ready to play and he was starting due to the injury to Tate.
He wins the western final, still healthy he's going to the GC as the starter. He was speechless and everyone could see the emotions going through this guy were over the top.
Ya there's gonna be some nerves heading into that game after waiting so long to get there.

Then half way through the week his entire team declares that they all want to do it for him?

Game over before it even started.

If he isn't back in the CFL somewhere next year I personally will be scratching my head.

Kevin Glenn is likely done in Calgary. It seems the Media has been told to focus on Glenn as the main reason why the Stampeders lost the Grey Cup. But honestly it all comes down to coaching. And if people want to play the blame game, what did the O-line do for Calgary? Or John Cornish?

Plus i think Bo Levi Mitchell is ready to be a backup in the CFL. He can throw the ball pretty good and has a cannon for an arm. Ottawa should target Mitchell in the E-Draft as a QB they can get and develop into a long time starter down the road.

He will be in the CFL next year for sure after what he did this season. In that I mean that with teams possibly losing their top back ups to free agency, Mcpherson Montreal and Reilly BC. That would leave both teams which won their division this year with very little pro experience from the other back ups on 2012 roster. BC if losing Reilly would only have first year pro Thomas Demarco as there only back up as this season was his true rookie year right out of University. Montreal will either lose Mpherson to free agency most likley or Calivillo to retirement so that leaves the Als with josh Neiswander in is third seaon next year with the ALS 2011 he was not on the active roster and in 2012 he was the #3 and saw no playing time. He played college at DII angelo state and they also have former South Carolina QB Stephan Garcia who had two great seasons as a JR and SOPH at South Carolina but endured some legal problems during his time there arrested twice his FRESHMAN season and his SR season saw suspension reintatement and finally was kicked off the team during the middle of his sr season.
These may be the kind of teams that would be in need of a temp back up that can fill in and win games while they groom some younger guys.

I think it is more of the ladder that will have Glenn somewhere else next year. Mitchell is ready to step in at #2 so Glenn will become the hottest sought after Backup next season. There will be teams out there that were in the same position as Calgary was this year and Glenn will be sought after by one of those teams to plug in at #2 where a team does not have a real #2 option that is ready to step in. He looked great this season in his role as a #2 that can lead a team if the number one goes down but at his age and with his history of inconsistancy I do not think that anyone will seek him as a starter but for exactly what he did this season. He will be 34 next season and looked in great shape so he will have a few seasons to possibily jump from team to team maybe seeking his services as a reliable veteran back up. The way he handled himself by not starting an controversy when Tate was brought back will be a big plus for him as teams may need am experinced back up for one or two years. He culd be good in this role until he is close to 40.
Not a bad GIG for a QB to be in that position at age 34 extending his career and adding to his pension each year being able to be a sought after back up

If they can not trade glenn than they will release him and his salary.

  1. Tate
  2. Mitchell
  3. Sinopoli

I think the team will have the same reasoning that Glenn who was great all year and very profesional and all that until he lost the Grey Cup and declared to everyone that he is still a starter in the CFL