Would you bet....

...on a CFL game this year?

After watching the Edmonton-Calgary game and other games over the past few weeks, I've never seen the league so close. There is really nothing like a gimme this year.

Is it possible the salary cap is actually working to help the teams get on to an even footing?

...could very well be...the parity this year is insane...

Other than that mess in Toronto.

All I know is I made the playoffs last year in the pool run by BigDave and made the final four. This year has been vastly different, and only a miracle would get me a playoff position now. The games are closer this year and I've been coming up on the short end of most of the close games this year. I'm not complaining, just frustrated by my lack of expertise this year. A few weeks back when there were two one point games, I came up on the short end of each of those games. Not a good sign for making the playoffs.
Therefore the notion about betting on CFL games, I don't think I would do so this year. Also about parity, I think that's part of the equation, also some guys have come through that may not have been expected to in such a big way, and guys who you would expect to lead their teams have been somewhat disappointing this season. In other words, welcome to the wonderful and truly unpredictable world of professional football.

I'd put a dime on BC tonight....


That depends....what's the spread?

In the first 6 weeks, blindly betting all underdogs against the pointspread is very profitable. Of course, past results might not be indicative of the future. Normally, underdogs cover roughly half of the time. In predicting the future, most people are right or wrong almost 50% or close to accuracy of coin toss. So 60%+ accuracy (in the long term) is excellent.

Depends on which BC team shows up tonight.... :? :? :? :? We been good one game and bad the next....last week was good, this week, who knows.

I'm up on Proline.

CFL games are on the SportsAction menu here in BC, I think its pretty much the same as ProLine in Ontario. With SportsAction, if you bet on the games, there is the annoying aspect that those bets always have the rule whereby a victory by either team by 3 pts or fewer is considered a tie. So your options for the game is a home victory, a visitor victory, or tie. I used bet on CFL games but found I was consistently losing more money than I was winning and gave it up. Given the fact that I can't pick better than 50% in BigDave's pool whereby you're just picking winners straight up doesn't give me any confidence that I can pick winners given a 3 pt spread. If anything, I'd be willing bet $$ on the CFL if I could get a moving spread like that in Vegas whereby I could put money on Calgary to beat Winnipeg by fewer than 14 pts.

Sounds like the SportsAction is the same as proline in the WCLC.