Would you be satisfied?

Before last season, I said I wanted the Eskimos to finish with a winning record and make the playoffs. They did both, even advancing to the East Final. Before this season, I said I wanted the Eskimos to finish with a 12-6 record and make it at least to the West Final. Looking at the standings and at the remaining games on the team's schedule, I'm not so sure a 12-6 finish is possible anymore. We'd have to finish 9-3, and we still have games in Regina and Vancouver, and two in Calgary. Those will all be tough games.

With only 8 teams, the CFL is probably the most competitive league, and the West has been one of the most competitive divisions the last couple years. This got me wondering if perhaps my expectations for this season are a little too high. A 10-8 record is certainly nothing to be upset about. I just don't want to see another fourth place finish. We saw last season that 10 wins in the West doesn't always guarantee you a good spot in the standings. I'd like to see the Eskimos finish at least in 2nd place.

Anyway, to the topic of my thread: Would you be satisfied if the Eskimos finished 10-8 again? Would it depend on where they place in the standings?

Yes I would be satisfied with a 10-8 record but would want us heading to either the Eastern Final or Western. We are the Champions has been the song for the esks over 33 years and should remain so for at least 2 more generations.

I want another Grey Cup soon

I'll take any record as long as we win the Cup :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: