Would we/Should we

....Looking down the road, I was wondering what others thoughts would be on acquiring Franklin from Edmonton...His status is up in the air as we don't know if he's a free agent or signed for one more year in the igloo...IF he in fact is Edmonton property for one more year and was available in a trade would we/should we consider going after him??? I've seen a lot of qbs. in my time, as a CFL fan,come and go..I've watched some perform in a small window of actual playing time and some in a larger one...My sixth sense is right a lot of the time and what I have seen of this kid, I see a quality quarterback along the lines of Jennings, who could possibly be better...What would we have to trade that Edm. would be interested in IF we went down that road...I could see them considering one of our first round picks (I'd say sixth) as a good return but would that be enough?? Sask. is hot after this guy and will most likely want to give Hervey the moon BUT would the Esks. rather deal with us (Hervey has no luv for Jones) if the deal were a good one...Very speculative, all of this, but was just wondering what others thought...... IF this trade happened would Franklin fit in and be happy playing with Nichols who would assume a 'Burris' type roll...Seems that's the route to success...I remember calling the acquiring of Willy as a 'not right for us' at the time...I have the opposite feeling about James Franklin...This guy could be a franchise quarterback and I'd hate to pass on him if we had a shot at acquiring him.

The Reilly trade years ago was a swap of second round picks and an extra second rounder. I would make a similar deal in a heartbeat but I don't think that will get it done. Despite any disdain the Esks organization would have for Jones, I don't think he accepts a lower offer to put one over on him. Jones I'm sure would like to have him in Regina and you would have to assume their first round pick would be on the table, so our lower pick of the first round won't be enough. I would guess the Esks would want our first overall pick and likely a roster player and/or a neg list play. couple of things may factor in. If Franklin only wanted to reunite with Jones, would the Esks accomodate him? Esks are losing Derel Walker, the Riders may be able to offer them a receiver they covet. Toronto could also be in the market, but since we have their first round pick, gutted their receivers during the season, and had such a horrendous finish to the season, I'm not sure what kind of package they would be able to offer. Just my guess at any rate.

I like where you're going with this Papa - but unfortunately Tennessee Corky (Jones) and his honey-wagon security (Murphy) are much better silver-tongued devils than the straight-edge O'Shea or the dilly-dollying Walters.

Corky will tell Franklin and his agent that Winnipeg doesn't offer much protection for their QBs - that he'll be laced and racked repeatedly. Especially if Sask'n makes a strong play for Wpg. OT Stan Bryant - perhaps even Chungh!

If Wpg. loses free agents this year (especially Bryant & Medlock, possibly Chungh) I actually don't care who the QB we have in tow (Nichols or Franklin or Field Mouse Glenn) the team will have a hard time going .500, perhaps slinking down to 6-12 or somesuch.

Everything is now up in the air - that's a natural state in Wpg. football btw..... so if Walters/Miller can't get Franklin they'll have to cough up nearly $400k to start Nichols, a good egg, a tryer and a decent passer but he's no Mike Reilly, no Henry Burris - - - basically just a faster moving turtle than the current Ricky Ray!

Of course, even if everything goes down the toilet and we lose significant FAs, can't get Franklin and retain Rich Hall - Little Lord Fauntelroy (Miller) will tell us all is OK (translated: the blind still leading the blind) :cowboy:

Their first pick (2nd or 3rd overall) and Namon Roosevelt would be the price required if Franklin is still under contract! Losing Roosevelt would be a huge body blow to the riders but getting a potential all-star QB in a quarterback driven league would be far more important! If the Riders were smart they'd take that offer in a heartbeat - only adjustment would be a swap of 1st round picks rather than just giving the Esks their own #1. Thus, the riders would end up with a 5th overall pick (Edmontons') as a consolation!

Riders would be fools to part with Roosevelt or even offer him unless they somehow feel he won't be 100% coming back post injury. Caleb Holley could be the guy they offer. He played a bit over a half of a season and was on pace to be a 1000 yard receiver and has good size.

When I think about who we could offer that Edmonton would like if it came to a pick and a roster player, I'm not sure who would fit the bill. I think some of our young national players are in that untouchable category, Corney and Loeffler. Esks periodically had some protection issues but I don't think we'd risk upending the gains made on the Oline by trading one of our Nationals. I don't trade Bond, but maybe Hardrick or Bryant? Hard to see them trading a QB for an international OL. Kevin Fogg maybe to bolster their D?

6th overall and TJ Heath (all-star db) - don't want to part with Fogg as he's better than anyone on punt returns and a great back-up kick returner. Probably right up there with Heath as a defender - although in Hall's dropback and dropout system, almost anyone can plug in and play.
Other alternative is to swap picks with the Esks - giving them the guerrilla position of drafting 1st in exchange for their #5 pick - and a starting import to boot! But only if Franklin is truly a free agent. If he isn't give them a 3rd or 4th round pick for the right to pre-negotiate with him prior to deadline!

Do you guys think that your existing QB is what's holding you back from getting to the next level?
Boy that's not what I see from the outside.

Keep what we have and let Davis get some playing time. He may be as good or better than Franklin. He really hasn't been given a chance so we don't know. We are in the driver's seat right now. Trading for futures that fail is what has kept this team down. We need consistency, not hopes for a superstar....BTW, Edmonton has 10 or 11 ex-Bombers on their team. They don't need anymore.

Nothing wrong with standing pat w/ Nichols ($350k x 2 yrs) and Davis (around $110k) and bringing in a trainee ($75k) as the 3rd man....

Only trouble is we may be losing a solid blindside OT in Bryant, possibly Chungh (depending on contract status) and the normal turnover of spare part players (starters, non all-star status but experienced in the system)

Nichols is NOT the problem, I agree. He over-delivered after bomber tall foreheads finally found the courage to write off Drew Willy.

Sask'n will no doubt get better next season - how can they not. Especially if they can pry Franklin out of Ed Hervey's cold, stiff fingers. Especially if they can do it without losing Roosevelt. Can't see Sask. being as putrid as last year's 5-13, even if they have to settle with Durant. They should easily be 7-11, perhaps 8-10 with ease - - - that could really effect bomber positioning in the west.

Calgary should still be dominant - anywhere from 12-6 to 14-4

BC ain't goin' anywhere - Jennings just got his feet wet last season - het him a few more IQ points and he'll lead that gordforsaken squad to at least 10-8, maybe 12-6

Edmonton needs a bit of work on the defense. Ottawa ravaged them. That said, they probably will challenge for 2nd next year instead of being crossover queens.

Only teams I can see continuing to suck next season are Montreal & Toronto. Montreal is besieged by management and coaching turmoil but have a nice card set of players, particularly defensive. Toronto is a veritable shytestorm - still going thru the façade of Drew Willy as their #1 boy, c'mon man!!! No certainty on Bilko Barker or Jughead Scotty - Ricky Ray looks like he could pose for Bob O'Billovich photos, he's really gettin' old in a hurry!

Never know whats gonna go down in Hamilton - Austin is an explosive personality so he might call it a day and return to Tier 2 college USA ball, Tilman likes to remain in the shadows (can't blame him for that) and there doesn't appear to be successors in the hopper. Collaros looked like a certified star last season but injuries and confusion have left him layin' - what gives? Wonder which eastern team makes the biggest pitch for DD Durant? They could all use him!

......Nichols agent is going to ask for the moon...Do we re-up him at any cost???That's another scenario to consider.... Another would be is that Franklin knocked Nichols out of the no 2 spot in Edmuchuck....Could that happen here with the no 1 spot??I like Lyle's suggestion at swapping picks with Edm for no 1 overall and their pick in the first round...We would still have 2 solid picks and a qb. with a great future...I'd like to agree with Dan about Davis BUT if he hasn't shown us that he can step up and be a true back-up by now, instead of being bumped by Glenn...I dunno...I have my reservations about the guy...By the way Lyle...Chungh is not a free agent and is signed for one more year...He would never be on the table in any event......Bryant IS an fa and would be available in free agency...Heath is a possibility or another roster player BUT not Fogg...no way..Lot's to mull over.. :roll:

Papa - I agree Fogg is a keeper, potentially best import DB on the team (without even factoring in his return game greatness)...... only other keeper is Loffler! After that the guys are pretty much hobos who will be interchangeable with other hobos!

Johnson, etc. Rapidly decelerating ex-NFL hobos!

C.J. could be a keeper, too! See what bodes for him in off-season!

Papa - no matter my suggestions about swapping 1st rd. picks with Edmonton and mailing them a starting hobo - Sask'n can offer them far more - other than the 1st pick overall.

Roosevelt is certainly NOT a hobo. He's potentially the best WR in the league.

Imagine Reilly with Bowman, Walker and now Roosevelt? Too much to process!

Hervey will be squeezing nickels til they start screamin' if someone wants Franklin - its obvious Durant is unacceptable to Corky while in Wpg. Nichols is fairly acceptable to the current team rulers. That tells me Hervey will be able to squeeze riders more than us! :cowboy:

....Sask. is going to be bent over a barrel by Hervey....He knows they want Franklin...bad...I agree on Roosevelt, Corky will have a lot of splainin' to do if he offers up this guy and their no 2 pick overall...I don't think Hervey will accept anything less and you just know he wants to put the Tennessee traitor through the grinder and make him do the Tennessee waltz to get Franklin..Hopefully he makes it so steep that it won't make sense for Corky to pursue his 'Durant replacement' and IF we made a good offer give Walters the in...We have to remember that Edm. knows how good this kid is and they most likely would like to see him out of the west ...However I don't think there's anyone back east with enough to offer that would take Franklin there.. We shall see..

I’m not sold on Nichols as of yet. He played well and faltered down the stretch some. And clearly he had his struggles in that second half in the BC game to the point where O’Shea decided Medlock at 61 yards offered better odds than Nichols for 4 yards. Nichols has that rep of being more of a game manager too, someone that can limit their mistakes and do just enough to win you games. Guys like Reilly and Mitchell are the other end of the spectrum that you expect can go out and win you games. Nichols, Franklin, or anyone else all comes down to where you think their ceiling is at and how much it’ll cost you.

Exactly! Actions speak louder than words - and what O'Shea was telling us is he had more faith in Medlock blasting a 1 in 200 field goal attempt - than he had in Matty Nichols racking up 4 yds from scrimmage! A total indictment of Nichols and even Plop.

Of course, as soon as the game ended and the stink dried off on O'Shea the team started yapping hard about re-upping both Nichols (who didn't warrant confidence from O'Shea) and O'Shea himself - who whiffed something fierce on his last minute decision-making!


From the outside looking in but watching every Bomber game I'd focus on:

-Getting height and speed on the receiving corps. I'd probably keep Dressler but drop Smith
-Drafting a Canadian receiver
-Adding some run stopping beef to D-Line
-Really try and find a way to get Flanders in the line-up. He's a super star in waiting imo. Split him out, set him back, just get him on the field.

I wouldn't increase Medlock salary as good as he is. I would however do everything I could to keep Bryant.

I'd stay with Nichols and spread the QB money around

I don't know anything about the Bomber scout payroll...but that's where Calgary is clearly spending time and dollars. And that's where the bar is set. They have a pipeline to Import receivers.

.......according to rumour....Medlock and Bryant have already re-upped..Just waiting until after the Cup to announce

I would agree on pretty much all of this. We need a bigger body receiver, it would be interesting to see if they bring back Tori Gurley who has the size and physicality they lacked. All in all, I don’t mind having the smaller receivers as long as you use them properly. We did in the first half in that BC playoff game and the Lions DBs were left trailing behind them, then went back to abusing them with short routes where we self neutralized their speed. As for canucks, Addison Richards hasn’t developed, they demoted Kohlert before the playoff game, and Feoli-Gudino is a hard as nails guy but not an top line starter. As for draft prospects there’s a few to consider but two of the top guys are likely out - Auclair out of Laval sounds like he’s got NFL interest, and Rashaun Simonise went to Bengals camp earlier this year and could be focused on the NFL first again next year.

One of the reasons I thought Kevin Fogg might be expendable in a trade, and I like him for sure, would be because we have a bit of depth in the secondary and that would open up a DI spot for Flanders as a returner. I know they’d like to get him on the roster more, this would be one way.

Getting Bilukidi to finally end his NFL aspirations would be a huge boon to the Dline, but he seems content with the pattern of merry go round of opportunities he’s been getting lately. A rotation of Bilukidi, Shologan, and Thomas in the interior of the line could be interesting. I’m not sure how they feel about Euclid Cummings after the season. With the number of FAs bound to hit the marked again this season, they could look to find someone else. They also have Padric Scott, not sure if they see him as a better fit outside or inside. And Jabar Westerman is a pending FA, anyone interested in a family reunion?

.....We tried the family reunion with the Muamba boys once..Cauchy and the other guy currently playing for the riders...Didn't work then BUT hey Jabar was on our radar once until Wally scooped him and he's pretty good inside...Might work....Bilukudi would be nice or Mulumba but I'm not holding my breath on either one of these guys turning up as the CFL seems like just an afterthought (if that) for both of them...I think Gurley comes back after his dalliance down south however he could catch on somewhere...Like you I like his size that we lack in our current receivers...We have to draft a quality receiver to get some respectability at the canuck position...Going with what we currently have will not get it done...Richards will probably head off to Sask. and Kohlert is a shadow of his former self...I agree Guidino is tough but lacks consistency..Walters is going to have to be on his toes and with the type of pics we have, we need to come up with a gem instead of the duds we picked the last few years at receiver....Jade and Richards being 2 of them :thdn:

Quite agree with you Papa about Jadette & Richards being absolute pukeish busts. Even the dreadlock kid Joe Mack roped with a supplemental pick, costing us a 1st rounder (can't remember the dreadlock kid's name, I think he's washed out of the league, no?)
The body count of dead as doornail picks the bombers have put their mitts on is astounding. Astoundingly high!!!
Etienne was 4th overall, Tyson Pencer was 5th, Richards was 10th or 11th (can't remember) and there was another supplemental pick, Lyle Waggonner we took in lieu of another 1st rounder. That's about 5 or 6 wastes of skin - although Waggoner has forged on as a part-time special teamer with no real special skills.
The CFL should pass a law prohibiting the bombers from barfing up 1st round picks for unceremonious supplemental hobos. Can't imagine another CFL team interested in redeeming a 1st rd coupon for Waggoner - so Walters prolly could have had him with a 2nd or 3rd rd. pick.
Addy Richards was just a revenge pick on the riders after they picked up our hometown boy, Nic Demski at #6 overall - Walters had him slated for a bomber uniform.
Frankly, I'd now be more interested in getting Kienan Lafrance back in Wpg. than Demski. Neither man has blazing speed and Demski was used primarily as a WR in Regina - and with a lack of height and only average to slightly above average hands, slightly above average speed he's really limited in what he can or will accomplish.
Lafrance has more upside, even with less speed than Demski. He's more like a cross between Messam, Andrew Harris & Jon Cornish - but overall he's a gamer and would make a nice backup to Harris next year or two.
Kohlert should be done, maybe another year or so washing out in another team's uniform. Guidino is solid, strong like bull but lacks real speed and elusivity. He should be our #1 backup Canadian WR and a member of special teams.
Bombers need a hi-grade canuck WR, agreed.
Need a bull-rusher DL - don't know if there's one in this year's draft or we have to wait for our prior drafts to wash out of the NFL?