Would we have won with Schiltz starting?

We weren’t great but it wasn’t the total blowout I was expecting…I like a lot of what Shiltz was doing against Edm feels like he wouldve ran a lot more been a little more exciting, might’ve helped.


Not with our Defence.


Haha I’m just messing around… I’m with you on the defence. Really I kinda don’t understand why they didn’t just keep pounding ouellete at us even on second down and long, easy first downs.

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Easy answer to this question…Nope !

No chance…

I saw the highlights and the Argo receivers were always wide open .
If they don’t get rid of Washington, they will continue to lose.


If the coaches keep blaming the players for poor execution, who do the coaches blame for choosing these poor executing players?


We made it a one posession game late in the 4th and the defense couldn’t stop the Argos. If the Argos were stopped Powel had a chance to tie it with a td and 2 point convert, Powel did fine.


For his 1st full game, he didn’t disappoint.
No, Shiltz would not have done any better.

Maybe completed mor passes, but we still can’t get TD’s in the redzone.

I will say it again.
We need to replace Washington, but it won’t happen.

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At this stage…I’m not sure any quality quarterback would have fared better???