Would we Draft another P/K? Why is Milo featured?

Interesting to see the 'Cats profile non-import P/K Chris Milo on the front pageof this site . On the TSN site regarding the ecamp Duane Forde wrote,

"Both of the kickers in attendance, Hugh O'Neill (Alberta) and Chris Milo (Laval) were very good, showing accuracy and range on their field goals and crushing some punts as well. I believe you'll see both of these guys earn full-time CFL employment in 2011."

Someone on the team site just creating controversy or sending a message to someone?

These prospect videos on Ticats.ca are done every year, they'll have about 10 or so of them done by the time the draft comes around. I wouldn't look too much into it......

However, I don't think it's a stretch to say we'll be looking at some potential Canadian Punters.

It's a conspiracy. Bob obviously believes the Mayans to be correct in that the End Of The World is scheduled for Dec 2012. That means he only has two more seasons in which to win a Grey Cup. All bets are off after that.


Things that happen when the mind wanders in the offseason. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. And I've got my tinfoil hat ready so the aliens can't steal my thoughts and get me.

Is that what tinfoil hats are for? I thought they slowed hair loss. Well, I may be going bald anyway, but at least aliens haven't known up I've been up to for awhile.

Hey guys

The list of players shown in the prospect profiles is put together by our Ticats TV crew, who indiscriminately selects approximately 15 players from various position groups to be featured. Some prospects have ties to the Ticats. Some prospects are from local communities.

While our Coordinator of Canadian Player Development and Head Canadian Scout Drew Allemang offers his insight in the videos, our football operations staff is not consulted when we determine which players will be featured in the profiles.

LMAO!! Hilarious. You can tell it’s the off-season when even Mark is starting controversy with his threads lol.

This is pretty much what I always assumed the process was. There is no way a team would make it obvious who they are going to draft unless they held the#1 pick.

BUSTED! Sigh....... :smiley: