Would we dare??????

Go after fa. Ricky Ray....With the esks. folding like a cheap suit, in a game that meant nothing to the riders and everything and the season for edm., i would expect the esks. to make some major changes in the off-season...Tilman DOES NOT stick with vets. pulling down big coin....Ray could be available...I know a lot of fans are thinking Pierce and Jyles for next year HOWEVER....IS IT out of the question pursuing a qb. of Rays calibre...A vet. like him with a talented young team like ours..hmmmmmmm I could see great things.... :wink: I think we have to give this serious consideration

Forget it, he's going to be a Ticat.You can have Quinton Porter when we release him :wink:

......more like you can have our third string once we sign Ricky :wink: :lol:

Hell, i'd play me over Porter at this point so it's a deal :thup:

why on earth would we ever want Ricky Ray? and you can blame Edmonton's O-line all you want, but from what I saw from Ray this year, if it turns out it wasn't the O-line, he would be our third stringer.. if not.. then I'm sure Pierce or Jyles would be just ecstatic to play in that role :roll: let's use our money somewhere we need it..

QB is the least of our problems ! We have two good QB in Jyles and Buck . Edmonton doesn,t have anybody else,Zybranksky is awful and Ray has been running for his life in almost every game this year ! Once they get Ray some decent protection the Eskimos will be fine ! Tillman isn,t a dummy and would never trade Ray !

Ray is a free agent so a trade may not be needed, that being said i would say that there are only two cities i can see Ray in next season and one is NOT the Peg. He will re-sign with the Esks or T.O, whoever offers the most $$$ will get Ray (his salary this season was 400K) he won't make that but the highest bidder will get Ray!!

....there seems to be a question about Rays status...is he an fa or not??????He didn't re-sign during the year soooooo i would say he is a free agent...In any case he probably would be too expensive...T.O. ..might throw a lot of cash at him...orrrrrr B.C.....Ray would most likely NOT be on anyone elses radar....Looking at the BIG picture...we have a qb. growing into the position (jyles)...we have a top-notch injury prone qb. (pierce) and a couple of third stringers that are greener than grass....That scenario does not fill me with a whole lot of confidence for a successful campaign...A vet. like Ray on your club makes you a legit. contender......We'll probably stick with what we had this year...Will it be good enough????...I sure as hell hope so... :wink:

Correction... there was no announcement that he re-signed during the year. It is likely the Eskimos would have announced it if he signed an extension but it is also possible that he could have signed one but they haven't announced it yet. I guess we'll have to wait until January when CFL.ca puts out the list of potential FAs.

papa, Jyles was a lot better than Ricky Ray for much of this year. some of that may or may not have been due to the Esks having an awful O-line for at least half the season, but the fact remains that it'd be us spending a pile of money on a possible downgrade to start in place of a guy who had the second highest QB rating in the league this year and did more than enough to earn a starting role. I don't think any of Pierce, Jyles, or Ray would be happy with Ray signing here this off-season. Pierce and Jyles are the least of our concerns and haven't done anything to get demoted, while Ray would very likely not sign anywhere with two starter-quality QBs already..

I would like to see Jyles with a different game plan. It seems this year during the first part of the game Jyles was more open and we would find ourselves often leading the game. Then would come the second half and the field was shortened considerably and Jyles rarely threw the long ones. The play selection had become predictable.

I think we could do quite well with what we have assuming they stay healthy. We sure could use that cap space for other needs like a MLB. How many times have we seen a team march down the field throwing short passes ove the center, shoring up our ST team or keeping our FA's.

...During the press conference that Mack held today, he didn't discount going after a free agent qb. but it seems highly unlikely...I thought his take on the team this year was mostly positive... 4 and 14 is not acceptable.. He said we're close and that keeping the continuity as far as players go are a priority... He feels he can sign the bulk of our fas and also said he is definitely not interested in dealing our first over-all draft pic...or any for that matter...HOWEVER if someone came calling with a credible ni or two, he'd be open to discussion... Mack was supportive of Lapo and he thinks the team and Paul can grow together...All in all i'm impressed with Joe Mack...Very professional...we'll have a winner under this guy :thup: :rockin:

....as an aside note...Mack confessed that T.J. Harris was not a 100 percent after he returned from his injury...hmmmmm I know he looked a little slower towards the end of the season but even in first gear this guy is inpressive...I have to believe he'll be quite a handfull for opposing defences next year :wink:

An article in the Edmonton Journal says that Ricky Ray is entering his option year and is likely going to sign an extension for less money. Whether he signs an extension or not, he's NOT an FA this year.