Would we be 1 and 6 under Chang...I dunno!!!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

Would it matter? Under Chang we MIGHT be 2 and 5. Under different referees we WOULD be 4 and 3.

We really needed those 2 points. We are now done. No playoffs. Time for Chang to start and get experience.

Maas played pretty well last night, but we have to see what Chang can offer as a starter.

chang has done about as much as holmes this year. which if you've payed any attention is pretty much nothing at all.

When has Chang been given a real opportunity? The last 5 minutes of a game, when you're down and you can't solidify your offense, meaning your stuck throwing deep balls is not an opportunity. Give him a single start and see what he can do.



Neither Holmes nor Chang have been given a chance. I have to ask one question. Just how bad does Chang look in practise for Taaffe not to have enough confidence in the kid to put him in over a quarterback who had has led his team to a 1-6 start, can't throw long, can barely throw 20 yards, is not very mobile and has a two-year losing streak which, for whatever reason, he can't seem to shake.
Either Chang is really bad or Taaffe is not the coach we all give him credit for. I think I know the answer and the problem is not with Chang.

As much I want to see Chang get a couple of starts, I think Taafe is trying to buy the team time for him to get used to the CFL. To do that, it's Maas as the starter. I wouldn't even be surprised if in his own mind, Taafe hasn't written off 2007 using it to groom guys like Chang and Moreno and evaluating others under fire.

Hey, and to be fair, the O-line let the Esks pour in on Maas quite a few times last night (4 sacks and a fumble). He was running all night long. However, I still see too many shortcomings in Maas's game to have any faith in him becoming a consistent winner.

An Argo-Cat fan

OK are you watching the same leauge as the rest of us????

Maas can't throw long????? 20 yrds???? WOW!
Maas can trow longer than Chang can boys and girls, look at the film and watch them in warm up...enough said!

Corey hasn't been given a chance????? are you for real???? LOL
How many kick returns has he had???? screen passes droped???? ( thinks he should loose the gloves too )

Maas is not mobile????? WTF!!! how many times has he ran for yards and banged and crashed HEAD first, to get just a bit more!!! ( unlike Ricky Ray , who pussed out last night on his scramble )

The two year streak is a whole team streak!!!!!
not just the QB or any one player.
As for Coach. well since he has been here I have seen steady progress each game and things look better than before.

Chang, imo, will not ammount to much for us, ( sorry, and I hope I'm wrong ) there doesn't seem to be any real good QB's in the system right now.

And no... he won't get traded and kill us like Rocky Butler will ( like some other plug pointed out LMAO!!! )

It just goes to show you that some people are sooo " beer half emplty " that everything they see is a twisted mess!!!!

Don't worry Bubbles......i'll buy you a beer at the next game!!!


I cannot believe, that you Believe that Jason Maas is not the biggest reason we are 1 and 6 ,what has he done to justify his existence on our team except LOSE winnable games !!!!!!

Don't blame Maas. Did he start off poorly or did the O start off poorly. Had Setta not missed a FG last night (and I don't blame him because he has been awesome all year) and had Bauman not missed a pass that was right in his hands, the Cats would have had the victory. Maas wasn't himself at the beginning but there is no doubt in my mind that after the last two games, he is the TC starter.

Yes Maas is our starter and that is why we are 1 and 6 ,he plays well enough for us to lose and him to start.Maas is a competitor not a winner,l would rather have a quarterback lead us to victory for once and not a moral victory either!!!!

DOES ANYONE at all have changs yearly stats so far?

You have to play Chang more than 3 mins to have stats ,and Jason Maas stat's have us at 1 and 6.Maas has had more than enough time to prove himself,so dont even start about Changs opportunity's to prove himself.It is not Changs fault we are 1 and 6 Jackass!!!!!!!!

wo wo wo wo wo hold the phone

maas doesnt have us as 1-6

there is no I in team like my dad always says.

the entire offence is responsable for the losses just as much as the defence. the team lost those games. not maas.
and dont call me a jackass. its childish

Sure when a QB has a mediocre game and the team loses, it's always the teams fault... yet last week when he played a mediocre game and the team won, everybody was acting like Maas was the man...

You can't deny the fact that Maas has rarely gone deep, yet in desperation at the end of the game he tries to go deep twice... It's no surprise then that the passes wouldn't be spot on; perhaps had he practiced going deep more often, then these passes would have been just that much better; perhaps he would have gone deep more often during the game and the Cats would never have been in the desperate situation at the end of the game in the first place. Oh, but that's right, the guy's throwing arm was not "fully healed" until last week... he hasn't been able to work on the long ball because he simply couldn't throw them. And now it all comes back to haunt him. The Cats' have basically seen 1.33 season blown away because of Maas' ego, and now the rest of this season is in doubt as well...

At this point, I'd prefer to see Danny Mac at QB for this team. I don't care what the reasons are anymore (not fully rehabbed, lousy gameplan, porous O-line, dropped balls, etc.), all I know is that with Maas as the starter the Cats are 1-5.

You can't change the destiny of the team without changing the personnel. I'd even try Williams if Taafe is so reluctant to play Chang.

An Argo-Cat fan

Berney Faloney for QB. His arm has more life. Hehehehe