Would Wally hire Danny Barret ?

If I remember right, Buono coached Barret.

It seems to me that could be a fit.
Danny Barret, offensive coordinator of the B.C. Lions?

Does it make sense?

Or maybe Kevin Strasser will be picked up.

Or Joe Paopao. (Or maybe not.)

I say Buono hires Maciocia!

Ya , don't you wish! That way maybe your Als could one day beat BC! :lol:

The only one who's got a slight chance of your candidates is Barret. Most likely it will not be some one elses hand-me-down . Probably will be from within the organisation. Dorazio and Kruk are the two names that keep getting mentioned . Then a new assistant will be brought in to fill the void that one of those guys leaves when they move up to OC.

No! Don't say such bad things!

Latest rumour is BC won't hire anyone but have an offensive coordinator by committee with OL coach Dorazio and QB coach ( name escapes me --- Kruck?)sharing the job.

IMho, Barret would be a good "D" co. for the Ticats :cowboy: