would trading Radelein be a good idea for Hamilton?

So if we wanted to trade Radelein, would he be coveted by any other teams, do you think? And what could we get back for him? Could trading Rads at this point in his career get us another starter in another area of need?

I personally like Rads, but strongly think he is upset about being converted into a backup and special teamer by Taafe, and that he writing is on the wall for him here.

And remember, we have Piercy now, who can take Radelein's place as the backup FB.

I believe he is from Alberta so they might be interested in him and he might be interested in going there. Getting a starter for him is doubtful, although maybe a solid DB or draft pick. However he could be good bait in a combination trade i.e. draft picks and radlein for say Geroy Simon.

Radelin is a BC boy.

I don't think we could get a starter for him unless we we wait for Popp to be away on vacation and deal with his assistant.

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If Radelin is a B.C. boy, then expect Obie to work with Wally Buono to trade, and get something back from B.C.
But I doubt this will happen. Think again......
If we got rid of Anthony Davis, we are already 1 less in the RB department.
If Jesse gets injured ( a likely scenario, given his history), then that leaves us very sparse in the running game. Don't think it will happen (but I've been wrong before).
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we have 3 FB/TE

Radlein, Julian FB N 6.02 245 1981-02-06 UBC
34 Piercy, Jeff FB N 6.01 229 1983-03-25 Saskatchewan
0 Dickerson, Kori FB I 6.04 240 1978-12-06 Southern California

Dickerson and Piercy are fine ..
Deal Rads and the 1st pick for a CB or WR.


Fullbacks are not in style in the CFL anymore. Most teams go with 5 receiver sets as their base offence so no one is likely to trade for a fullback.

Plus, I think we should keep him because he’s an excellent blocker and short yardage guy. Unfortunately he wasn’t used much last year.

Cause we used the TE more Dickerson was Better for that.

:thup: Agreed on the trade value part - CFL teams now have little use for fullbacks, BUT - Maybe the offence with Belleufille rediscovers the value of a good fullback - Radlein is a talented fullback (and PC45 hit the nail on the head there with Radlein IMO); Dickerson more a tight end - room for both in a smart offence.

i understand it's unlikely that julian will be back. that's too bad because i don't think the kori dickerson experiment panned out all that well.
there hasn't been a cfl team in recent memory that employed a player such as dickerson in such a role.
he's an import who caught not a lot of passes for not a lot of yards, and carried the ball only once all season.
and his blocking wasn't all that superlative — certainly not at the level of, say, troy davis.
and if we're talking double tight ends, wouldn't you rather have even bigger bodies out there? does anyone remember the brilliant touchdown catch by tight end j.p. bekasiak in the black & gold game last training camp...?
dickerson's output didn't even match what julian could do, and we could've used that import in a different way — perhaps an american safety, like so many other teams.


Dickerson is a blocker, not a runner. His job is to spring Caulley and Lumsden loose, and he's good at it.

A big part of why we ran for 100 yards or more in many games last season is because of Dickerson's blocking ability, which is superior to Radelein's because Dickerson is simply a bigger, more powerful man. And Dickerson's north-south blocks on run plays are at least as good as Troy Davis' were.

Dickerson has much better hands than Radelein, and is capable of catching a lot more balls, now that we actually have a capable QB, and a capable OC.

Bekesiak will be moved to O-Line next year, and will probably therefore provide that extra gigantic tight end dynamic you are hoping for.

We will probably employ an American safety next year in addition to keeping Dickerson at FB. Why? Obie would rather start imports. So I'm thinking Bauman will be converted into a backup instead of a starter so we can have that American safety Ticat fans have wanted for years.

it certainly would be a good idea to trade him because i think his shelf life has expired already. he really can't catch unless the ball hits him in the chest and often times when he does catch the ball he looks like he has two left feet.
as for a perfect trading partner, try t.o.if you're trying to get him closer to home, he already is as close as he's going to get-he's from waterloo, he only played university ball at UBC.maybe try to get a db like wheaton or something.

city legend

Julian's knee seems to have improved
and his pass catching is improving.

If he can be packaged in a trade to improve the team
in an area where we have a greater need, I am all for it,

if not, let him start at fullback and get rid of Kori Dickerson.


Julian has chosen to live in B.C. in the off season.

Dickerson has a couple of inches on Radlein, but in terms of mass Radlein weighs slightly more. It's more an issue of technical proficiency - most Americans have been playing so much more by the time they reach this level that they've got their technique down (and that's what allowed a smaller guy like Davis to flatten more than a few DEs in his time). That said, Julian is a good blocker.

I'm not sure why we'd need to sit Bauman to start an import at safety. If Cody comes back and plays DB, we'd be replacing a Canadian at that spot anyway.

I still like Radlein a lot, but with Piercy around now and who-knows-who available in the draft, I think he's trade-able especially if it gets us something we need more.

Radlein = proven , Piercy = unproven.....why do we even discuss this as Radlein was and is a true ticat and trading a FB in the CFL really gets you nothing. Once again, lets use the real players we have and get rid of those who talk a great storey and don't live up to expectation...........AKA: B.Ralph.


Rads - proven, has a Canadian passport, but has a bad knee.
Piercy - younger, but can fill in as a backup to Dickerson.
Dickerson - Great hands, great blocking, and a monster.

Piercy looked very good when he got to play fullback for the Als, IMO. He could be a good starter at fullback, but the position is vastly under-used in the CFL game now - and Dickerson is more of a tight end - again, not much use in the CFL game now but the Ticats O at least got some good use of him there last season - like to see that continued. Don’t see the point of carrying 2 fullbacks in the CFL now, so maybe Radlein could be expendable; but - can’t see other CFL teams wanting him via trade - he’s under-rated and the position is out of style in today’s same old, homogenous CFL offences.

What about Obie bringing back
Hamilton boy Ray Thomas

a 6' 5" 250 lb Tight End?

Marcel wouldn't let him try out last year,
let alone invite him to training Camp.

What the heck would be the risk?

Apparently, he recovered fully from his back injury
and he had worked hard to get into game shape.

He is just as big or bigger that Kori Dickerson

and he played four seasons (1999-2002) with
the Wake Forrest University Demon Deacons…

He caught 55 career catches for 622 yards
and two touchdowns at Wake Forest…

and he started 31 of 46 games at tight end.

He played some tight end with us

and he was 2nd on the team with
15 special teams tackles.

click here

Ray did try out at Free Agent Camp.
But did not Impress enough to get an Invite.