Would this help Quebec City temporary get started?

Now this was not my idea so lets not call me ludacris,lol
Ok in 1983 there was a event at the St Pauls Civic Center in Minnisota. The fan support was so overwelming that they quickly needed a bigger venue but could not find one. So what they did was booked a second venue and aired the event live on closed ciruit big screens.
The total attendance for this event was 30 000 people at 2 venues.
Could this be a temporary sollution for Quebec City until thier stadium gets the upgrade needed?
Now we know that Quebec City has PEPS Stadium which is on the small side for CFL, but if they sold that out and booked a second venue offering the game to be watched on closed circuit big screens, they it could get the attendance needed to support the team until the current stadium is expanded.
PEPS Stadium has hosted a CFL exhibition game in the past.

[url=http://eteamz.active.com/footballquebec/images/stadePEPS.jpg]http://eteamz.active.com/footballquebec ... dePEPS.jpg[/url] [url=http://homepages.uni-tuebingen.de/student/roland.de.beauclair/q34.jpg]http://homepages.uni-tuebingen.de/stude ... ir/q34.jpg[/url]

I just don't think that there is enough interest in football in Quebec City for a team, I might be wrong and please correct me anyone, just what I think. The Rouge et Or play to college students who pay very little to get in to games and I don't think that QC has yet the culture of football in the general population.

Does anyone know the attendance for the Montreal vs Ottawa exhibition game there?
I know their largest attendance ever was approx. 19500ish give or take.

[url=http://www.iero.org/sites/reva/quebec/ulaval/photo5138.jpg]http://www.iero.org/sites/reva/quebec/u ... to5138.jpg[/url]

I know. shockingly … A couple years ago I read that Quebec (the province) has more amateur football teams per capita, than anywhere else in the country! Unfortunately, the quote stuck with me, the source I read it from did not … go figure?!

But yea … in the 83 a simulcast on a big screen would have been pretty “cool” … in 2006, its VERY lame.


Thats why I said it would only be a temporary sollution there Stati76, however there are alot of places that still do that durring live events.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think they Grey Cup game in Winnipeg was also on a big screen in another large venue.
And didn't the Winnipeg Arena in 91 also have the Grey Cup on Big Screen?
You would know Stati76, your from Winnipeg right?

When you think of it, it's a bit weird that a city like Quebec City, over half a million I think, has a rinky dink stadium. And they let the Nordiques go, no new arena. I don't think it is a pro sports town in the least.

re-earl, nords moved not for lack of fan support! IMo a CFl team in Quebec would be good for The CFL! THEY could start their playoff games &Lobuor Day (sp)in the BIG o to make up for a small stadium in Q city :rockin:

According to "Wikipedia" ...The city has a population of 528,595, and the metropolitan area has a population of 717,600 (2005).
You are right Earl, for the size of the city, they should have a larger stadium.
But their stadium is the largest non CFL stadium so with some modifications and expansion it could be ready for CFL sometime soon.

As much as I would like to see a team in QC, I cant see people paying to watch a big screen. Especially since more and more people have big screens of their own.

I can't see fans paying to watch on tv at another stadium either. Especially the kind of money they would have to pay to keep a CFL team profitable.

Although a few years back the former Nords owner Marcel Aubut and who sold(out) the team to Denver and made a whopping cash grab made overtones to the league regarding his interest, nothing became of it.
Plus and equally as important there is no political will to build or renovate Peps or in fact anything to do with sports.
Maybe some posters from QC could elaborate on same?

Quebec City needs a new stadium.

Hey, if just under 20 000 can get their butts to a college game, why couldnt a pro team work? The CFL only has to chuck in a bit of $$$ and have a good plan and... voila! New team!

EastSideAlouette I think it would take a bit more than a "big of $$$" because they would have to put in new bathrooms, consessions, and seating. You are right however, those costs are more affordable than a whole new stadium.
I think if they upgrade the stadium then it should be good enough to last several years then later on down the road they can build as they go.

The point I was making about the giant screens at another venue (IE arena, or Convention Centre) was that they would be closed circuit in a theatre setting.
You would have to attend the venue in order to see the game.

Actually Your Wacky Idea Might Be Slightly Fisable. Maybe Instead Of Having It In An Arena With Ackwardly Placed Big Screens, Have The Game Aired In A Few Local Movie Theaters. Similar To Wrestling, The Advantage Of This Is People Could Get In For Movie Theater Prices And Can Watch The Game In A Very Intament Setting.

The Reason Why QC Has Never Had A Succesful Pro Sports Team Is Not Because Of Lack Of Sports Fans, But Rather Lack Of English Speaking Millionairs That Can Sit Down And Go Through The Anglo Legal Documents That Are Required To Do Anything In The Western World.

It would be great to have another CFL team in Quebec..
The Football war, it would create..The Battle of Quebec..
I like the idea of Quebec city, in the CFL..
They do have the population, in supporting the cause...

As I said Bamboo, it is not my wacky idea,lol
I was not the one who thought of it. It actually has been done in the past.
I would think a larger Theatre that serves beer would do the trick or a convention centre.
See it in person live or see it live on the big screen on closed circut TV.

Has anyone in Quebec City ever showed any interest in owning a team?

You cannot play in a smaller stadium and then have fans (paying $7 a ticket) sit in another stadium and watch the game on the big screen. There is no way they would get enough fans to make a CFL team profitable.

I never said anything about charging $7 a ticket.
Tickets would be the same price as end zone seats. Plus beer and snacks would still make money.
Remember this was just for temporary to get started.

Once again I will ask has anyone in Quebec City ever showed any interest in owning a team?