Would this be allowed on this site?

I can't see anyway to contact a moderator to ask them.
I have a book that I would like to auction off with 100% of the proceeds going to the BC Lions Alumni Assn.

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ask @sully

...like here? An online auction? Don’t see why not, it’s CFL related...there’s a section on trading cards and I’m pretty sure a few private transactions have resulted out of that thread...unless sully says no I’d give it a try...

Are you asking whether you can advertise that sale here? I'm fine with that if it's CFL related (which it sounds like it is). What's the book?

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It’s s Dave Skien’s, Count Down to Grey Cup. The story of the Lions first Grey Cup win. This book has been autographed by every player on the 1985 Lions Grey Cup winning team.
It got me to thinking, what if we had a whole category for
CFL alumni assn. fund raising. From what I understand it is there for ex players and their families who have fallen on hard times.

Amazing! Auction that thing! :slight_smile:

How’s that?

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...I think you got his go ahead munsey...start a thread on the main page about it, about the book, about the auction, about where the proceeds go to, etc?

Are you taking closed bids or open bids? Open bidding would be fun to watch.
For how long will it be open to bid on?
It will be beneficial to post photos of the book, show its quality and authenticity.
Does the winning bid make a cheque out to the alumni assn and you fedex the person the book? Let’s be clear about how the deal goes down, it is a transaction after all.
Does the alumni assn know you are doing this? Could they leverage this through their media person?

Let sully or I know if you need help setting this up.

I just thought I'd write a cheque to the Lion's assn or someone and whoever bids the most can pay me. Never thought to ask them. I'm a big believer in KISS, lol