Would the Riders ever sell the team?

Now that it looks like Winnipeg is selling the Bombers to Asper in exchange for a new stadium, I wonder if the Riders would ever do the same? If some businessman (either local or non-local) offered to build the Riders a brand new $125 million stadium completely with his own funds (no public money or loans involved), would the Riders sell the team? Would the loyal Rider fans go along with this proposal?

is there that much money in all of sask??

cohon should go on dragons den and pitch that offer to the dragons...lol

Considering a $400 million dollar stadium seems the likely chosen proposal... I would say no. The only way this would happen is if they were in they were in jeopardy of folding.

just for the record, buddy.

the Province of Saskatchewan was the only province in Canada during the Recession that made money..

so you're little jab is completely bull!

The Riders will never go private for one reason.
The touchdown lottery they hold every year genewrates over half a million dollars.
Plus other events they hold that are only possible because they are a non-profit organization would disapear if they went private.
Basicly a private owner can not look at the books and say they will do as well...because they won't.
The private owner would not be able to sell fake shares in in organization and the 15 odd million that has been raised through the touchdown lottery would not exsist as well.


I thought the government ran a billion dollar deficit last year because their potash predictions were really, really off.

Just based on the fact that the Riders only exist due to the whole entire Province coming together the way the do, their is no way a private person or company can illicit such passion from such a small spread group as the Rider Nation thus making community ownership the only way to go. There is no way a modern professional sports team should be able to survive in a region like that but they do just that, and then some. For that reason alone they must remain community owned.

We have also paid a tremendous amount of debt off since Sask Party took over though :thup:

There is a lot more money here than most people think.

considering all the new oil findings ( well not new, just the technology to develope the oil is new ....) the diamond mines the potash.... shit son these non Rider / sask people dont know anything so they see sask as just a bread basket cattle raising hick province...

man i'll be happy to out cheer all the lions fans this year at empire fields... gah they rile me up.

and back on track... NO they would not sell... They've done teleathons before they sold it before... why would now be any different?

First there is no way that they ever sell.

Second trying to excuse the Sask Party that 1 Billion dollar gaff by talking about the huge debt payment they made Is not valid. Especially when civil servant's were telling them not to make those predictions of Potash Revenue, and the debt payment that was because of a surplus handed to them by the former NDP Government. Yes it was good they made the payment, but it's not like they were running the show that got them all that money to spend. All they have done since is spend spend and cut. Haven't balanced a budget yet. When they stop mortgaging our future then I'll be happy.

But I digress.

Good thing otherwise you would be flat and broke. :cowboy: :twisted: :lol:

it would be pretty rad if they tried to sell a cfl team on dragons den. cept i dont think cfl makes emough money for kevin.

On the face of your question, I would say no, the team already belongs to the most important group, the community-- and the fans. However, things do change, and private ownership just might happen somtime down the road-- depending if their is one person rich enough to buy not only the team, but the new stadium should it be built as well.
Then again, no one thought the Oilers would have traded away Wayne Gretzky either... so anything is possible.

Considering BC's richest business person IS a Saskatchewanite (Jim Pattison), the answer is YES!! But really, why would anyone want the team to be privately owned; being community owned is why the team is so successful.