Would the Riders ever sell the team?

Now that it looks like Winnipeg is selling the Bombers to Asper in exchange for a new stadium, I wonder if the Riders would ever do the same? If some businessman (either local or non-local) offered to build the Riders a brand new $125 million stadium completely with his own funds (no public money or loans involved), would the Riders sell the team? Would the loyal Rider fans go along with this proposal?

I don't see why not. It's nice to have the warm-fuzzy feeling of being an "owner" but, really, it's the team I cheer for, not its owner(s). I'd be more into it if it was the $325 million retractable roof stadium but whatever 8)

With a stadium already in the works I think the likelihood of this happening has gone down.

Rider fans will never stand for a private owner taking over the team.

cflisthebest is light years ahead of the rest of you on this one. Rider fans would never stand for it no matter what any private group could offer. This is our team and we will never sell it out. If you don't know that about Saskatchewan fans then you don't know very much. It will never happen!

Really? You wouldnt be fans if someone had bought the team?

I have to admit I posted after a night out with friends. With SOBER second thought I realize one should never say never. Who knows what will happen in the future.

To answer your question, I'm sure I would still be a Rider fan. Still, it's hard to imagine the Riders being privately owned.

Now that's more reasonable :wink:

will it happen? probably 1 day in the future.. should it happen tho? NO and ill tell u why.. sask, winnipeg,green bay.....

thats why.. theres only 3 of us left really...

2016 there will be 2... sask and green bay..

and if u look at the similarities between sask and green bay.. lets be honest here.. wpg is bigger population than both regina (where the riders play) and green bay.. both small populations both under im being generous here (someone plz correct me if im wrong) but under 300,000 people... winnipeg has both regina and green bays population combined but... what wpg doesnt have or any other city in the cfl or nfl for that matter doesnt have.. is what green bay and the riders have.. and thats YOU GUYS LOVE YOUR TEAM TO DEATH REALLY!!! Packer fans are the best fans in the NFL (that stadium is sold out for LIFE)(ur stadium is currently sold out for life)(if u go 50k that will probably drop) (but then again the packers get 50k++ in there every night.) Rider fans are the best in the CFL (if every teams fan was as passionate about football and their team as u guys are, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii son, we'd have a way better cfl) but alas toronto, hamilton, shhhhhhhhhhhhh quiet sit down... grrrr why is he throwing the ball to that guy.. anyways.. thas toronto and hamilton fans..

should it happen? no. will it? 1 day it will eventually have to but then again... green bay does quite well and are community owned aswell sooooooo i guess u can say...if green bay which maybe smaller than regina in terms of people can do it, why cant u?

you are forgetting that Edmonton is also community owned

the esks have a board running the team like green bay sask and the peg? i did not know that.. but if thats the case, well another example of a team that makes it work without private money.