Would the NHL back in Winnipeg affect Bombers?

With an NHL franchise closer than ever to returning to Winnipeg, it's intriguing to think how a new team playing at the MTS Centre from late September- April or May would affect the Blue Bombers.

Granted, I know that once the Blue Bombers have NEW ownership and a NEW stadium they (and we) so richly deserve, they will be a successful, profitable organization for the forseeable future. This I have no doubts of.

However, the Blue Bombers will no longer be the #1 team in town. No longer will they have the most media coverage out of the 3 sports teams (hockey, Goldeyes, Blue Bombers). No longer will the team have the biggest fanbase in Winnipeg. (sure, the Blue Bombers have TRADITION over our new team, but c'mon, this is a hockey city first, a CFL city 2nd).

Asper's deep pockets and new stadium and (expected) new/expanded marketing of the team will make the Blue Bombers the envy of the CFL. But if (when) Atlanta or Nashville or whoever relocate to Winnipeg to become our new NHL team, suddenly that could pushed into the background.

Let me put it to you this way...the scenario: It's October or November. A regular season NHL game at the MTS Centre featuring our new team VS Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver (one of our division rivals)... the same night as a regular season Blue Bomber game at Asper's new stadium. You have tickets for both- or at least the opportunity to acquire tickets for both. What do you choose?

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For me this is an easy decision. The bombers game 100% no doubt, and it wouldn't change even if they were still playing at the stadium.

Did it affect them for the 20 or so years they were around the first time? :roll:

…First of all …good luck in bringing an nhl franchise back to the Peg…And i do mean that sincerely…In my particular case…Bombers rule…I would entertain going to an nhl game IF…and that’s a BIG IF…the price was right for the product…Bringing in a floundering nhl club like the Thrasers etc, isn’t gonna get my ol Jets engine fired-up…Maybe in time…Plus, i would like to see some gurantees put in place…such as a loooooong-term agreement to stay in the Peg…I wouldn’t want to go through the b.s. we were exposed to in the last nhl go-around…Bettman has said he’d like to be in Winnipeg…let’s see how much???and some fence mending…Otherwise…GO BIGBLUE…THEY ARE, AND WILL REMAIN NO. 1… :wink: :thup:

This is a useless topic, seriously!! The NHL had not affected the Bombers in the Past and in the future would not affec t the Bombers again. Secondly, your head is still stuck in a well Jets, we will not see another NHL franchise here for many years, possibly not even in my lifetime. There are many cities that have the cash available and are ready to pounce on an NHL franchise, if the opportunity happens. Look at the Coyotes Situation, speculation is that they will be moving, the NHL and the Bankruptcy Courts WILL NOT ALLOW THAT and even if they did there already starting to market cities such as Kansas City, Seattle, EVEN Hamilton, not to mention interest from Houston, Cleveland and Salt Lake City. I am not saying that any of the cities named would be a better fit for an NHL Team, but come on as long as Bettman is in office, he would pull a boneheaded move to freakin' Kalamazoo before Canada, we all know he is that hard headed.

But this topic is useless as pointed, i just had to vent about Bettman for a change, THIS IS A BOMBER FORUM, NOT A FREAKIN" WINNIPEG JET< COYOTE OR WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL THEM FORUM.

It's hilarious seeing you guys get so angry about this.

Anyways, thanks for the intelligent input!

Having an NHL team would likely mean that we would have 2 distinct classes of sports fans. One group would have money to go to both the NHL and CFL. The other would be too poor by December to consider the rest of the NHL season or the MGBs the next.

Don't think there would or should ever be a scenario where a bomber game would conflict with an NHL game, if the NHL would return. My guess is that they would change a game time so that fans could attend both and so there would be no conflict. Not sure why 2 teams would force fans to choose when both can win.

I'm sure the Bombers would ask for more games in July and August. Not the 4 in oct we have now.

Don't think there would or should ever be a scenario where a bomber game would conflict with an NHL game, if the NHL would return. My guess is that they would change a game time so that fans could attend both and so there would be no conflict. Not sure why 2 teams would force fans to choose when both can win.[.quote]
I'm sure the Bombers would ask for more games in July and August. Not the 4 in oct we have now.
Everyone take note. [u]THESE[/u] are the kind of replies I was expecting/hoping to hear.

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Bettman has absolutely no intentions of bringing the Jets back. His statement was only to distract from the mess the league is in with that team. Who in Winnipeg would put up the cash to bring them back? Forget the economics of the old team, this is now big time money. And... in Winnipeg how many would pay over $5,000 for a section ticket or $150,000 for a box to watch them? We are an AHL town and are doing pretty good at it.

So why are we discussing this when trainning camp is less than a month away? I want to hear someone comfort me abut the QB situation. Micheal the dog trainer just became available today Mike.

That'a an easy one. Your last 2 home playoff games were played in front of a half empty stadium. I would think a good re-run of Gilligans Island would be enough to keep the football stadium empty, let alone an N.H.L. rival. :slight_smile:

...... a litle exaggerated there taleback.....half-empty...come on....I think you would have to take into consideration the facility as well.....Seems a brand new one is on the horizon in the Peg... Full houses in the future :wink: :lol: :lol: and by the way how's your new stadium coming along??????? :roll:

A new stadium is obviously not needed to sell out the Riders. Therefor, no rush on that one. How is your new owners’ pending chapter 11 comming along anyway?? Do you think he can have the stadium finished before he declares, or will the costs of the new stadium be a part of the creditors? :cry:

....bet you'd like a new one though...but i can understand your jealousy...... :lol:

You're not quite up to speed as far as Asper is concerned....He is building the new stadium with cash from his REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS.... never has had anything to do with Canwest....but then i can see why you're so ill-informed as you are clearly not a fan of the BigBlue nor a Winnipegger,,,lol lol :lol: ...However you're welcome to come to our new facility once completed... :wink: :rockin:

I would like to add that i would rather pay the $$$ to see The BB'S most important games in October/November than the NHL when it is in it's useless first stage of a long useless 82 game season.

Papa don't worry the hillbillies in Saskatchewan love peeing in those big round bowls, i guess they are not homophobic in hillbilly land, they love to watch each other!! :roll:

I guess old Jehtro 4 ever has a different agenda when he goes to the washroom.It seems he goes for a free peep show, while the Hillbillies go to relieve themselves, thus not worth spending 200,000,000 to rectify the situation. :?

...Just to lighten things up....(football is still too far off)...the washroom talk has prompted me to remember this little joke:

...A comedian was getting hassled and harrassed by a guy in the audience...The comic has had enough of his razzing and says to the guy ' Look did i annoy and hassel you when you were trying to make a date in the mens washroom'...Everything went silent for a bit....then as the comic tried to continue, the guy in the audience yells out 'well.... is it on or is it off'......

Sometime there's no shaking people who want the last word..... :lol: seems to happen a lot on this board.... :lol:

why are you guys even on this topic lol? nobodies getting you an NHL team at the moment, nor has anybody mentioned getting you one in the future. The only time it was brought up is when Bettman said he'd rather Winnepeg get the Coyotes than Hamilton and he's fighting a losing battle in court at the moment so.. yeah..