Would the CFL look bad if a 6-12 team won the Grey Cup?

The Ottawa Roughriders nearly won the Grey Cup in 1981 with a 5-11 regular season record. I believe that the league was inspired to bring the cross over rule in because of this near-miss.
With QBs dropping like flies in the West, this scenario could happen again if Toronto can get their act together, or if Hamilton continues to improve... I think if either team can right the ship now and end up winning the cup with a 7-11 record that the CFL can save face. However if either team advances to the cup with a 6 or heaven forbid a second place team with a 6 or even 5 win season,ends up winning the cup that it would make the CFL season seem meaningless.

It really could happen! All boils down to which team gets hot at the end of the season... Or the way this year has been going, whichever teams No 1 QB stays healthy....

Right now, the team with the strongest backup is Calgary who has Tate, but he is known to be injury prone. And then who? Right now, due to injuries, here are your current starters:

BC - Glenn
Edm - Reilly
Cal - Tate
SSK - Sunseri
WPG - Brohm
TOR - Ray
Ham - Collaros
OTT - Burris
Mtl - Crompton

Who is everyone's #2? And how many career starts do they have? In SSK, it's Seth Doege. He has ZERO starts! I'm not sure about the other teams. But I'm thinking it has to be Troy Smith in MTL with the most starts... And that is only if Troy Smith is Montreal's designated #2 behind Crompton right now...

Unlikely but not impossible for an under .500 team to win grey cup. inferior teams had won before. But regular season would still be meaningful because league cannot survive financially without it. To determine a champion, 18 regular games competing against all teams multiple times are more reliable and harder than 2-3 playoff games. Unlike playoffs, no team is undefeated in regular season. However overrated playoffs generate extra revenue and a climax end to season. Also playoffs are a second chance for teams to redeem themselves.

How ironic that this actually happened in back to back years(2000-2001)and both times it was an inferior West team that won the Cup with sub-par below .500 seasonal records.The BC Lions ended up in 3rd place at 8-10 in 2000 but won the Cup that year over the superior team from the East that being the 12-6 Alouettes. Then a year later in "01" the same thing happened again,only this time it was the inferior Stampeders sporting an identical 8-10 record who won the Cup over the superior East division 14-4 Bombers.As a matter of fact that 2001 season saw the Eskimos win the West with only a .500 9-9 record which would have placed them in 3rd if they were in the Eastern conference that season.So all this talk about Western superiority and the only 2 times that a below .500 team actually won the Cup it was done twice by INFERIOR Western teams :smiley: So like I've been saying all along don't pop those champagne corks just yet out West,because as history is showing us if on back to back occasions an INFERIOR West team can somehow win the Cup then there is no reason why an Eastern team can't do the same thing this year. :smiley: :rockin:

http://www.cfl.ca/standings/2000/reg http://www.cfl.ca/standings/2001/reg

We worry way too much about this kind of silliness.

Well I'd rather talk about the games themselves, but get negative feedback for talking about penalties, dropped passes and quarterbacks like Ryan Brohm who are completely and utterly useless who literally drove me to drink last Saturday... :roll:

It won't look all that good, but if the Grey Cup game is a well played, exciting game of football, it won't be a big deal.

The real fear should be that the showcase game is like some of the crap on a stick we've been getting this year.

Or crap like last years Grey Cup

Ticats will be 9-9 and will win the cup.

Good research, Bobo! :thup:

Like mentioned , in a CFL regular season there are many variables, I.E. Injuries, acquisitions

It has always been this way in the CFL, the Cross over was a great adaptation, but IF a team with a losing regular season record does win the G.C. its all good :rockin:

it is not the NFL and should not be measured by the NFL,s playoff structure, which is designed for gambling!!!

Thanks CRF :thup: :smiley: :wink: so take that all you so called superior Westerners !!! :smiley: :cowboy:


Just remember....East or West.....BLACK "N" GOLDS the BEST :rockin: :smiley: :rockin: :smiley: :rockin:

First, kudos for a clearly written post. :smiley:

Second, I would find it embarrassing if such an event occurred only if the 6-12 team got an "easy" ride to the Grey Cup game itself. In the current season, any team coming out of the east division would have to be classified as such. Whichever east team wins the division, that team would get a bye to the east final, and would host it. Right away, this is unfair to any western team with a better record that has to win two away games to get to the Grey Cup. Same for the second place team in the east who would get to host the east semi-final against a western team with a better record.
This is why I don't like the divisions/playoff format currently.

Finally, we should all know that any team can beat any team in one game, so a team with an inferior record could certainly win the Grey Cup. But the likelihood of an inferior team stringing together two or three good games in a row to reach and win the Grey Cup is less likely.

Therefore, I wish the playoff format was changed.

With all that spirit of "fairness". We should just hand out the Grey Cup to the team with the best overall record.

Redrawing the league because of one anomaly every couple decades is not going to happen. Winnipeg chose to move to the Western division at the same time as the East was absorbing an expansion franchise and an expansion draft. They got what they asked for and now instead of a bye in the Eastern Final, they will fight for a crossover spot with the Lions and Riders.

The cross-over rule was first introduced in 1996 (slightly different format). The version of the crossover playoff format in use today was first used in 1997. It was implemented for two primary reasons [so I've read] :

  • One reason was that it intended to keep the entire league competitive down the stretch, which keeps the fan interest level as high as possible and teams’ playoff hopes alive.
  • The second reason is to reward the top six teams with a playoff berth.

I like the idea of the cross-over. After all, if a team in the West is in 4th place with 16 points and the 3rd place team in the East finishes with only 10 points why shouldn't the 4th place team be rewarded with a playoff berth?

The problem with the cross-over is that it eliminates the West/East Rivalry. It is quite conceivable to see two Western teams in the Grey Cup. Personally I don't care as I've never really been a fan of East vs West when it comes to the Grey Cup. I pick my favourite team and cheer that team on. Last year I was cheering for Hamilton and I will again if that team gets into the Grey Cup unless of course the Lions make it to the Grey Cup. Some fans do like the West vs East concept.

It would be nice to see the 2 top teams going at it in the Grey Cup one year but that can't happen given the present playoff structure.

Also is fair to have a crossover when one division has more teams than the other. It should disappear should a fifth team ever make its way to the East.

Whatever you do Bungle don't let Bobo know who the Ottawa Roughriders took out in the Eastern Final to make it into the Grey Cup. lol [hopefully he's on vacation lol]

I would like to know how Hamilton, that finished the '81 season with 23 points and only 4 losses out of 16 games got taken out by a team that won only 5 games all year!

Man I love the CFL! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Rooting for the underdog is fun :thup:


Oh the pain !!!!! I'm having flashbacks :oops: I was at that game in "81" I still get recurring nightmares about a little turtle with an Ottawa Roughrider jersey on slowly crawling down the sidelines at Ivor Wynne 102 yds for a TD while 12 toothless Tigers all stand around and roar at each other "SOMEBODY CATCH THAT LITTLE TURTLE !!! HE'S GETTING AWAY " :cry: Oh the HORROR. :twisted: .......definitely not one my fondest memories of old Ivor Wynne :thdn: it seems like it happened only yesterday hard to believe that it was over 30 yrs ago and I was only in my twenties when it happened.The irony of it all was that the Cats went on to appear in 4 Grey Cups in the eighties after that debacle in "81" and ended up winning only once in "86" :frowning: :cry:

Yes, and it's a classic example of how a team can get hot at the end of the year. Hamilton may have had the best regular season record but at the end of the year Ottawa got it together went on the road and won the semi and beat the Ticats in the East Final. Remember the close GC game and Ottawa almost pulled it off, they replayed over and over again the non-interference call on Peter Gabriel.