would the CFL consider getting a developmental league?

just hypothetically, i think it would be a neat thing to try. something like NFL Europe or AFL2. You could have teams in smaller towns such as Barrie, Sudbury, Moosejaw etc. this is just a thought, i would rather have the CIS improved before we have a developmental league however.

I wouldnt trust present CFL brass to do it right.

They should get junior football to raise the age and stick a few guys on those teams people might actually go out and watch.

Its not a bad idea, but Moose Jaw doesnt have the population base to support a team like that, you would need a bigger city. Places like Kamloops or Kelowna, Lethbridge or Medicine Hat. All have substanially larger populations than Moose Jaw or even Prince Albert have. You need cities of at least 50K or more for that type of league.

I suspect you likely wouldn't get the quality of players wanting to play. I mean what would you be playing for a new contract in the neighbour of $80K. I suspect at best you would get a contract in the development league topping out at $40K. It is a tough sell for a small chance at making the cfl.

If I could have, I would have played for minimum wage.

Question, would anyone pay 5 bucks to watch our country's top level flagtouch playersteams? I would.

it really doesn't matter to alot of guys, as long as your being payed to play. The current ABA pays it's players 10, 000$ a year, and i can't imagine AFL2 players getting payed very well. It would be good if you had a young player who you wanted to develop for. I think it's a good idea, but not until we get 10 stable franchises. you could have 2 different leagues and the winner of each league plays each other at the end of the year, it would be just like the CFL, but west and east teams wouldn't play eachother during the regular season(travel costs). Some cities might even be lucky enough to have 5-10,000 seat stadiums for their CIS team or a soccer team already in place that they could use.

If you can keep playing football on a farm team and get a chance at playing in the CFL or never play again and get a job as a plumber what would you do?

be a farmer.

Yah I hear the price of wheat is the best ever. Or you could seed at half the rate and get crop insurance and do it the easy way.

Victoria Vikings
Kelowna Peachmen
Red Deer Rednecks
Saskatoon Piemen

Windsor Bi-Nationals
London Knights
Quebec Flying Francophonies
Halifax Schooners

CFL teams don't have enough money
and there is no incentive for them
to put money into a development league,

they get most their players for free
from the Universities in the US.A.


What is the point of your list
of cities and team names, Xvys?

Just look at NFL Europe. Enough said!!!

Good Post Ron. The CFL can barely manage their own league let alone a developmental league.