would the Boatmen be interested in Brock Ralph?

with the apparent departure of Arlend Bruce a new speedster is needed. Maybe we should trade Brock Ralph to the Boatmen for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

what happened to arland bruce?

Bruce is a free agent and rumor has it that Toronto is sick of his "me first" attitude.

Why that upsets Toronto I have no clue. The guy is hands down the best receiver in the CFL, and would look great in black and gold next season. Can you imagine Printers throwing to Bruce? Yikes.

So far as I know Bruce has not left Toronto as yet.
Guess that we'll have to wait and see if he goes anywhere in the coming months.

The thinking is that IF Stubler becomes HC of the Argos, Bruce may not fit into the FIFO philosophy that Stubler employs for the defense. (Fit IN or F Off). Personally, I think Bruce would fit in well. He’s always struck me as a team guy. He may have a bit of attitude but what good WR doesn’t–it goes with the territory.

I think Bruce stays in blue.
An Argo-Cat fan

Why would you want us to give one of the best Canadian receivers in the league away for nothing? Is that you Marcel?


Seriously, do you think Toronto's GM (Mohns, Rita, Stubler, Pinball, whoever it is) is that dumb? Brock Ralph was the best receiver on the worst team, but he just dropped everything that came to him. Why would Toronto want him?

That being said, he'll probably go to TO or some other city and become a legend... seems to happen a lot with former Ticats.

I agree with Drexl on this one.

Here are the 2007 season stats for Brock Ralph and Arland Bruce III:

50 receptions/721 yards, 14.4 yards per catch, 3 TDs. His longest two touchdown receptions of the season were for 88 and 71 yards.

61 receptions/855 yards, 14.0 yards per catch, 7 TDs. His longest two touchdown receptions of the season were for 49 and 40 yards.

He may have dropped some passes this year but he also showed that he can be a playmaker on intermediate and deep pass routes. One must also remember that he played with a separated shoulder for a few games near the end of the season. A Canadian receiver like Brock Ralph, if healthy, can help the Ticats in 2008. If the Ticats can also improve the import receiving corps by signing Arland Bruce III as a free agent during the off-season, all the better.

If Brock is a free agent I can see him heading back to Alberta. The Argos have Talbot and Cetoute who IMO are better receivers than Ralph, so I don't see them going after him.
Arland Bruce is still under contract with the Argos as far as I know. He had a few injuries this year and did appear frustrated at times with Bishop. But he wasn't alone in that regard. I don't think they will give him away.

Toronto doesn't need a Brock Ralph. They need a Ralph Brock...
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I disagree. Brock is hardly high caliber. He can't catch when he needs too and catches the few that are a wobbly ball.....just doesnt make sense to me....I say trade 'em.


Yes....lets give more players away.

Draft picks are still a crap shoot.

I would get rid of Ralph in a second.
I feel he is soft and doesn't like to get dirty.
I would take my chances with Bauman getting over the dropsy's, he seems like he can get open for big plays, just needs some confidence.

Ralph needs to head back out west to be close to home with his sister.
Needless to say, I'm not a big fan.

Trade him to Sask for a washed up third string spacial teams player. :wink: Knock knock anybody home.

Hmm.. my two cents says, keep the kid. A Brock Ralph, Jason Armstead, Jesse Lumsden, Bauman, Terry Cauley, Dickerson offense lead by Printers could be very good. Lumsden and Dickerson have to be willing to play some slotback and Printers must stay healthy for the majority of the year but i kind of like our receivers and the ratio would be great.

I say that vast improvement is necessary at db, some at d-line and more reps by a consistent o-line.

I really do not see the gigantic need at receiver. Now, if Obie can trade/make a deal for Geroy well that's okay to but find some cover guys first and foremost, in my opinion.